BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R1_0_maintenancesearch fixes backportedapanchenk6 years
R2_0_WAVE_1_6* Display exception in log instead of silenceasobolev7 years
R2_0_WAVE_7_1remove not required dependencyrganor6 years
R2_0_WAVE_7_3Bug 326261 - makes editor unusable with large PHP files -...rganor6 years
R2_0_maintenancesynchronized addedapanchenk6 years
R3_0_maintenancemerged from HEAD: Bug 355616 Path mapping not done for "Run to line" breakpointsapanchenk5 years
masterBug 497622 - Modify IParameter to tell if parameter is passed byThierry BLIND13 days
mylocalMerge branch 'mylocal'Johan Compagner4 years
stable-5.3Bug 477831 - IBuildpathContainer must be extendedDariusz Michura9 months
stable-5.5Bug 496853 - Improve Lucene indexer locking, committing and recoveryBartlomiej Laczkowski4 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R5_5_1.tar.gz  R5_5_1.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev2 weeks  org.eclipse.dltk.core-5.5.1.tar.gz  org.eclipse.dltk.core-5.5.1.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev2 weeks  R5_5_0.tar.gz  R5_5_0.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev6 weeks  R5_4_0.tar.gz  R5_4_0.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev5 months  R5_3_2.tar.gz  R5_3_2.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev8 months  R5_3_1.tar.gz  R5_3_1.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev10 months  R5_3_0.tar.gz  R5_3_0.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev10 months  R5_2_0.tar.gz  R5_2_0.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev13 months  R5_1_1.tar.gz  R5_1_1.tar.xz  Kaloyan Raev17 months  Root_R5_1_maintenance.tar.gz  Root_R5_1_maintenance.tar.xz  Alex Panchenko2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 daysBug 497622 - Modify IParameter to tell if parameter is passed byHEADmasterrefs/changes/84/76984/3Thierry BLIND5-3/+36
2016-07-04Merge "Bug 497077 - Change namespace icon to distinguish it from class icon"Michal Niewrzal1-0/+0
2016-07-01Bug 497077 - Change namespace icon to distinguish it from class iconrefs/changes/16/76416/1Michal Niewrzal1-0/+0
2016-06-29Bug 497008 - java.lang.StackOverflowError or eclipse crashs when usingrefs/changes/28/76228/1Thierry BLIND2-28/+616
2016-06-29Bug 496853 - Improve Lucene indexer locking, committing and recoveryrefs/changes/20/76020/5Bartlomiej Laczkowski7-90/+492
2016-06-22Bug 481488 - Parallelize build participants executionrefs/changes/41/59741/8Michal Niewrzal2-41/+144
2016-06-13Bug 494823 - ICompletionProposalLabelProviderExtension doesn't support overri...refs/changes/65/73865/2Dawid Pakuła4-8/+80
2016-06-13Bug 371222 - Cannot remove method from task context on outlinerefs/changes/88/73388/3Dawid Pakuła1-2/+4
2016-06-13Switch version to 5.6.0-SNAPSHOTKaloyan Raev95-95/+95
2016-06-09Implemented optional encoding support for external libraries.refs/changes/71/74871/7Vasili Gulevich12-42/+533
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