BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
DTP_1_10_0_BranchFixed script issue for DTP plugins version checkxgu23 months
DTP_1_10_1_BranchUpdate birt.dtp NL feature version to 4.2.1yjiang19 months
DTP_1_10_2_BranchUpdate map file for repository by auto tag scriptxgu14 months
DTP_1_11_0_BranchUpdate map file for repository by auto tag scriptxgu14 months
DTP_1_11_1_BranchUpdate map file for repository by auto tag scriptxgu10 months
DTP_1_11_2_BranchUpdate map file for repository by auto tag scriptXiaoying3 months
DTP_1_12_0_BranchUpdate map file for repository by auto tag scriptxgu14 months
DTP_1_8_2_Branch_aAdd missing plugin o.e.d.sdk to repoBrian Payton20 months
hudsonRefined Hudson build scriptsLinda Chan2 days
masterUpdated Orbit repository pathLinda Chan8 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  Linda Chan7 weeks  Linda Chan8 weeks  Linda Chan8 weeks  DTP_1_11_2_Release_201402080500.tar.gz  DTP_1_11_2_Release_201402080500.tar.bz2  Xiaoying3 months  Brian Payton3 months  DTP_1_11_1_Release_201309060500.tar.gz  DTP_1_11_1_Release_201309060500.tar.bz2  xgu7 months  xgu7 months  DTP_1_11_1_RC3_201309060500.tar.gz  DTP_1_11_1_RC3_201309060500.tar.bz2  xgu7 months  DTP_1_11_1_RC2_201308300500.tar.gz  DTP_1_11_1_RC2_201308300500.tar.bz2  xgu8 months  DTP_1_11_1_RC1_201308170500.tar.gz  DTP_1_11_1_RC1_201308170500.tar.bz2  xgu8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
8 daysUpdated Orbit repository pathHEADmasterLinda Chan Xiaoying1-7/+17
2014-03-21Revised script for better logging and email messagesLinda Chan Xiaoying1-7/+10
2014-03-16Updated bundle version conflict to ignoreXiaoying Xiaoying1-83/+82
2014-03-11Updates for 1.12.0 M7 build scriptsXiaoying Xiaoying2-4/+5
2014-03-11More updates for 1.12.0 build scriptsXiaoying Xiaoying1-10/+13
2014-03-05fix hudson build errorXiaoying Xiaoying2-0/+2
2014-03-05fix build failure on hudsonXiaoying Xiaoying1-1/+0
2014-03-05update for hudson buildXiaoying Xiaoying1-3/+44
2014-03-05update bootstrap.xml for hudson buildXiaoying Xiaoying1-2/+36
2014-03-04update for hudson buildXiaoying Xiaoying1-2/+2