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authorWayne Beaton2016-10-24 07:47:23 -0400
committerWayne Beaton2016-10-24 07:47:23 -0400
commitd35083879594fabf3b6a6a9df4e8fc1c5acbd087 (patch)
parent427ee57a857020f3dc6ab0c54d3862bf28f43891 (diff)
Revise the "after provisioning" section.
Be more careful with our use of the word "approval" with regard to the IP Due Diligence process. Provide a reference to more help with IPZilla and CQs.
1 files changed, 15 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/source/chapters/starting.adoc b/source/chapters/starting.adoc
index d5ecde0..75ce7a1 100644
--- a/source/chapters/starting.adoc
+++ b/source/chapters/starting.adoc
@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ After Provisioning
The Webmaster will send a note announcing the completion of the provisioning
process. Before you commit any code into your project repository, you must
-submit your project's <<ip-initial-contribution,'initial contribution'>> and
+submit your project's <<ip-initial-contribution,_initial contribution_>> and
list of third-party libraries for review by the IP team.
[graphviz, post-creation, svg]
@@ -172,27 +172,36 @@ digraph {
node [shape=box;style=filled;fillcolor=white;fontsize=12];
ic[label="Submit\nInitial Contribution", group=g1];
git[label="Push to Git", group=g1];
- build[label="Build and Distribute", group=g1];
+ build[label="Build and Distribute\n(milestones)", group=g1];
+ release[label="Release", group=g1];
// Nodes that define things that we need
node [shape=plaintext;fillcolor=transparent;fontsize=10]
+ ip_checkin [label="IP Team\n\"Check-in\""]
ip_approval [label="IP Team\nApproval"]
// Stitch the key points together
- ic -> git -> build;
+ ic -> git -> build -> release;
// Use grey lines to add in the things we need
edge [color=grey]
- ip_approval-> git
+ ip_checkin -> git
+ ip_approval -> release
Do not commit any code to your project's source code repository until after
-you receive approval for the IP Team. Once you've received that approval,
-you can do builds and produce milestones for your first release. You must
+you receive _check-in_ permission from the IP Team. Once you've received that permission,
+you can create and distribute _milestone_ builds for your first release. You must
wait until after the IP Team has approved your initial contribution and use
of third-party libraries before you do any official <<release,releases>>.
+NOTE: Project teams interact with the IP Team via the <<ip-ipzilla,IPZilla>>
+system using <<ip-cq,Contribution Questionnaires>> (CQs). The IP Team will
+indicate check-in permission by adding the +checkin+ keyword and final
+approval by setting the state of the CQ to +approved+.
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