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-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<cheatsheet title="Create a Persistent Entity">
- <intro href="/org.eclipse.platform.doc.user/reference/ref-cheatsheets.htm">
- <description>
-This cheat sheet will automatically launch wizards, perform actions, and guide you through the steps to add a Java persistent entity to your Java project.
-To learn more about using cheat sheets or to see a list of available cheat sheets, click Help (?).
-To start work working on this cheat sheet, click the <b>Click to Begin</b> button below.
-Let's get started!
- </description>
- </intro>
- <item title="Create a JPA Project" skip="true">
- <description>
-To create a Persistent entity, you must create a JPA project. If you already have a JPA project, you may skip this step by clicking the "Click to Skip" button.
-If not, select <b>File->New->Project...</b> and choose <b>JPA->JPA Project</b> in the list. Complete each page of the Create JPA Project wizard to create a new JPA project.
- </description>
- </item>
- <item title="Open the JPA Development Perspective" skip="true" href="/org.eclipse.jpt.doc.user/ref_persistence_perspective.htm">
- <action pluginId="org.eclipse.ui.cheatsheets" class="org.eclipse.ui.internal.cheatsheets.actions.OpenPerspective" param1="org.eclipse.jpt.ui.PersistencePerspective"/>
- <description>
-When working with JPA persistence, you should use the Persistence perspective. If you already have the Persistence perspective active, you may skip this step by clicking the "Click to Skip" button.
-If not, select <b>Window->Open Perspective->Other</b> in the menubar at the top of the workbench. In the Select Perspectives dialog, select <b>JPA Development</b> and click OK. This step changes the perspective to set up the Eclipse workbench for JPA development.
-You can click the "Click to Perform" button to have the "Persistence" perspective opened automatically.
- </description>
- </item>
- <item title="Create a Java Class">
- <description>
-The next step is to create a new Java class. In the main toolbar again, click on <b>New Java Class</b> button (or the link below).
-The Java editor will automatically open showing your new class.
- </description>
- </item>
- <item title="Create a Persistent Entity">
- <description>
-Finally we will make the Java class a persistent entity.
-In the JPA Structure view select the Java class.
-In the JPA Details view, use the "Map As" field to select <b>Entity</b>. Dali automatically adds the @Entity annotation to the class in the Java editor.
-Use the Table, Catalog, and Schema fields to associate the entity with a specific table in the database.
- </description>
- </item>
- <item title="Finish">
- <description>
-Congratulations! You have successfully added a JPA entity to your JPA project. Complete the additional cheat sheets to map the entity's fields to database tables.
- </description>
- </item>

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