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masterIgnored a test which does not run on HudsonJochen Hiller4 hours
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4 hoursIgnored a test which does not run on HudsonHEADmasterJochen HillerJochen Hiller1-1/+8
18 hoursAdded personal local folder to .gitignoreJochen HillerJochen Hiller1-0/+1
18 hoursAdded first draft a gradle based build processJochen HillerJochen Hiller15-0/+355
18 hoursFixed a NPE in PackageAdmin when there is no wiringJochen HillerJochen Hiller1-0/+7
18 hoursAdded a bundle o.e.concierge.service.permissionJochen HillerJochen Hiller23-0/+2181
20 hoursAdded gradle wrapper to prepare build processJochen HillerJochen Hiller4-0/+260
6 daysAdded test case for Tims problem with implied dependenciesJochen HillerJochen Hiller1-0/+56
13 daysAdded test cases for bootdelegation and system.packages.extraJochen HillerJochen Hiller2-0/+161
2014-12-06Added test case for getEntry() when use in a BundleListenerJochen HillerJochen Hiller1-6/+61
2014-12-05Added test cases for getEntry() for bundle and fragmentsJochen HillerJochen Hiller1-0/+130