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masterAdded supporting bundles to ConciergeJochen Hiller35 min.
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35 min.Added supporting bundles to ConciergeHEADmasterJochen HillerJochen Hiller40-2/+3094
5 hoursadopted new naming schema for bundlesjrellermejrellerme17-1433/+0
5 hoursadopted new naming schema for bundles.jrellermejrellerme17-0/+1433
12 hoursFirst commit from new committer for testing purposesJochen HillerJochen Hiller1-1/+1
5 daysfixes.jrellermejrellerme3-159/+227
5 daysseveral bug fixes.jrellermejrellerme2-10/+31
5 daysfixed the build.xmls and marked the package admin API as export.jrellermejrellerme3-3/+4
5 daysadded root ant file for building both framework and bundle.jrellermejrellerme3-0/+46
5 dayscleanup.jrellermejrellerme10-3/+306
5 daysadded an initial package admin bundle implementationjrellermejrellerme15-0/+1030