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477474-check-gerrit-flowFirst commit to check Gerrit review processJochen Hiller2 days
masterSecond commit to check Gerrit review processJochen Hiller2 days
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2 daysSecond commit to check Gerrit review processHEADmasterJochen Hiller1-0/+1
6 daysadded CONTRIBUTING filejrellerme1-0/+46
7 daysswitching back to the vanilla OSGi version until CQ 10199 is figuredjrellerme1-650/+2111
2015-09-24added a clock service and client example. jrellerme21-0/+358
2015-09-24fixed the BundleLicense entries in the manifests. jrellerme7-75/+75
2015-09-22Fixed the copyright headers to correctly reflect the EPL and EDL dualjrellerme68-82/+409
2015-09-19triggering M2 build.jrellerme1-1/+1
2015-09-19set version to M2jrellerme11-8/+39
2015-09-19Fixed the remaining compliance issue with the package admin compatjrellerme1-54/+65
2015-09-19Applied Jochen's proposed fix for #467160.jrellerme2-14/+3
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