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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-08-14Bug 299911: Introduce ICPPEvaluationMarkus Schorn1-0/+8
2012-04-13Bug 316076. Added IFunction.isNoReturn() method.Sergey Prigogin1-1/+11
2012-04-10Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-4/+1
2012-03-13Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin2-10/+5
2011-12-09toString methods and @Overide annotations.Sergey Prigogin1-4/+6
2011-10-31Bug 360541: Ambiguity resolution for declaration statements.Markus Schorn1-0/+3
2010-08-27Bug 323723: Reduce usage of DOMExceptions.Markus Schorn10-48/+31
2010-06-03Bug 315439 Fix up copyrightVivian Kong5-5/+5
2010-03-19Bug 305975: Strongly typed enums, forward declarations for enum.Markus Schorn1-6/+3
2010-01-12Bug 231859: Optimization for computing int type of enum.Markus Schorn1-1/+38
2009-11-09Safe type representation for index, bug 294306Markus Schorn1-10/+8
2009-10-09fix compiler errors in lrparser caused by bug 231859Mike Kucera1-0/+10
2009-07-23fix compiler errorMike Kucera1-0/+6
2009-07-16fix compile errorsMike Kucera4-29/+23
2009-06-02quick fix for compile errorMike Kucera1-1/+1
2009-05-26update copyrightsVivian Kong3-14/+24
2009-02-04cleaning up the architecture of the LR parsersMike Kucera2-6/+6
2009-01-21Removes the need to flush the cache of c-scopes, bug 259373.Markus Schorn1-15/+2
2008-10-22API and data-structures for proper support of template non-type arguments, bu...Markus Schorn1-0/+1
2008-10-16Initial implementation of values for variables and enumerators, bug 250788.Markus Schorn2-0/+11
2008-07-31Introduces a classification for scopes, bug 237026Markus Schorn4-11/+22
2008-07-28Complete support for members of anonymous unions, bug 206450.Markus Schorn1-0/+4
2008-07-25Reworked parts of template instantiation, fixes bug 236197.Markus Schorn7-2/+66
2008-04-25fixed some warningsMike Kucera18-15/+40
2008-04-09fixing warnings in LR parser pluginsMike Kucera2-12/+11
2008-04-08removed unused importsMike Kucera2-2/+0
2008-04-07moved unused code into separate source folderMike Kucera31-0/+4732

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