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8 daysBug 552745: Disable intro screen (webkit use) in testsJonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib97fb00cb96af34a14d89a07d88de15c276537aa
2019-10-24[releng] Add missing Bundle-Vendor to pluginsTorbjörn Svensson2-0/+2
Change-Id: I889681c4748842999b708783cb7d21a801dba02d Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
2019-10-17[releng] Update comparator repo to last releaseJonah Graham2-2/+2
Change-Id: I00901808f1eda041f070b2f3e1cda076987c69a5
2019-10-17Bug 551817 - Add about.html to src.includes for pluginsTorbjörn Svensson1-0/+1
Change-Id: Id6e1a3c4aa94bf242efd62a28f5ca9de7d64f699 Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
2019-10-16[releng] Bump to CDT version 9.10.0Jonah Graham4-4/+4
Change-Id: I027e7e5542fda3e599ee476814593fc4b464adca
2019-10-11Move away of deprecated imageDescriptorFromPlugin.Alexander Kurtakov3-6/+8
Change-Id: I855682065fe6b40deeedc6cd7b5cb419848caac0 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-10-10Remove unnecessary semicolons.Alexander Kurtakov1-2/+2
Change-Id: I4ed8830940600065d077857fd813bd38e6a5da86 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-10-10Generify ListenerList.Alexander Kurtakov2-22/+7
Change-Id: Iee6fcbe412f8d90004d4ecafe6fa3e7513900971 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-08-19Bug 550165: Debugging is stuck when "command aborts" on step returnUmair Sair2-1/+220
Adding unit test for MIAsyncErrorProcessor. The test adds breakpoint on 0x0 address and try to continue and step return. It asserts that the target is in stopped state and error as reason in both cases. Then it removes all the breakpoints and resumes the target and asserts that target is in resumed state. Change-Id: I2e024e0d5f55b4e9464a6f2b7a2b0c78bee4e8e8 Signed-off-by: Umair Sair <>
2019-08-17Bug 550165: Debugging is stuck when "command aborts" on step returnUmair Sair1-2/+5
Command abort can occur for commands that are run not just in context of thread, instead stack frame is also present, e.g., step return in case of this bug. Updated the implementation to get IExecutionDMContext from the command context if it is not IExecutionDMContext itself. Change-Id: Ia6cccffba8bde28e22eca46211747de31084f25a Signed-off-by: Umair Sair <>
2019-08-12Convert new Runnable to lambda.Alexander Kurtakov26-2172/+1714
Take 2. Change-Id: I060b0e41d8c6058db0c2ba88af8454b5517105b8 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-08-12Convert new Runnable to lambda. Alexander Kurtakov22-446/+297
Change-Id: I8b827013a29802a3f3ae6400ddce8d8753eb6399 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-08-10Remove redundant superinterfaces. Alexander Kurtakov13-20/+13
Change-Id: I0de3509b02a8ef6853f0053c9ee6edd304a05a86 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-08-03Bug 543711: Provide empty enablements to suppress missing enablements ↵Jonah Graham1-0/+4
warning in log Change-Id: Ib3979f577331149eb4d712d1be6d2196f0a431d3
2019-07-09Bug 542488: Remove duplicated codeJonah Graham6-851/+11
When DSF was first created it was a separate project that borrowed heavily from CDT, as such (AFAICT) some code was copied from o.e.cdt.launch to DSF. This commit de-duplicates some of that code as the DAP implementation wants to reuse the code too and another copy is not wanted. Change-Id: Ie54187dabc9c32224575c0bf51bcabfab00ca340
2019-07-09Fix generic and other warningsJonah Graham4-14/+14
Change-Id: I77173712bf2b775eae5573f0abfb7f9900123438
2019-06-21[releng] Add missing @since tagsJonah Graham4-1/+8
The version of the plug-in had been correctly bumped already, but the tags were missing causing API errors Change-Id: Ief9f7250d3940c1ddd4d44ee19d53dc99f1af8b5
2019-06-11[releng] Bump version to 9.9.0Jonah Graham4-4/+4
Change-Id: I6641e51a8bfdb44fa5c646d97debf2bf814c107a
2019-06-05[releng] move to cdt-infra repoJonah Graham1-338/+1
This script had been copied to the cdt-infra repo a while ago, this update removes the copy left behind and redirects users to cdt-infra. Change-Id: Ia4b2d90a9336947e0aad53a0fce6a569416ac379
2019-06-04[releng] Move gdb path and version to test variables to root pomJonah Graham1-2/+0
They used to be duplicated in multiple places in further down poms. Change-Id: Ifd7adf356892138a2aa79c22084a52cc25619b1b
2019-06-03Bug 547881 - Allow targets to set ATTR_REMOTE_TCPDoug Schaefer2-4/+14
Adds support for this attribute in the ILaunchTarget attributes and then convert it to the boolean attribute on the launch config. Change-Id: Ieefa6892641517ff0fa6a0a04f63a6a8dbc35bf4
2019-06-03Bug 547831 Add ILaunchTargets for GDB RemoteDoug Schaefer21-10/+809
Adds ILaunchTargets for GDB Remote for TCP and Serial Port. Adds a launch config provider that maps default launch configurations for the gdb remote launch config types. Alters the launch attributes by merging in the target attributes over the launch configuration attributes. This is a no-op of the target is the Null Target (which has no attributes). Some string externalization that was missed from previous commits. Carrying on tradition of ramdonly using Gdb or GDB in our class names :) Change-Id: Ie8483110f594db593e704adda420ce6b14812dea
2019-05-31[releng] Updated officially supported GDB versionsJonah Graham1-4/+5
Change-Id: I22eb86b34659ff54223a81dec4f8341b63b5675b
2019-03-27Bug 545624 - Skip LaunchConfigurationAndRestartTestWilliam Riley1-0/+1
Failing and causing all other GDB tests to fail Change-Id: I14314b8569d0e117ee9b5db6af33f3b3708d82be
2019-03-21Bug 545624 - Disable failing testsWilliam Riley5-0/+21
Change-Id: I60d34ca269482b089d738f5b911378bc1bd57238
2019-03-20Remove warning of illegally extending ImageRegistryMarc-Andre Laperle2-12/+10
Delegate to an instance of ImageRegistry instead, which is legal. Change-Id: Ife10b526c54483143a9ef5599c4571844a60604d Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2019-03-01[releng] Bump version to 9.8.0Jonah Graham4-4/+4
Change-Id: I3861d4c5d0eecaf9dd370f269a655e666b60561a
2019-02-14Bug 543129 - NPE in GdbFullCliConsolePage.dispose()Simeon Andreev2-2/+2
With the fix for bug 536677, disposing a org.eclipse.ui.part.Page will dispose also its site. org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb.internal.ui.console.GdbFullCliConsolePage.dispose() calls super.dispose() and then accesses the page site, which results in a NPE. This change changes the order of disposal to the natural order, extending class first and then the super. Change-Id: I853c8c426b9ea4e1403cd9af34f9878f6379f72a Signed-off-by: Simeon Andreev <>
2018-12-20[releng] Bump version numbers for plug-ins changed since branch pointJonah Graham1-1/+1
Following Change-Id: I019f2f6bcf11e5e4fb17960dc28a1fb2fac6ace0
2018-12-14Fix license comment block in download-build-gdb.shSimon Marchi1-2/+2
The automated license change didn't handle this case properly. Add the missing #s. Change-Id: I11ad2c22b3be7b4d3db66aa69386619007aa8b6e Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <>
2018-12-10[releng] Bump version to 9.7.0Jonah Graham4-4/+4
Change-Id: Icaa0b6acf73e3a19e0d102fa8ae784e631d8743a
2018-12-06Bug 542436 - Added method to override whitch IGDBBackend instance to controlTorbjörn SVENSSON1-1/+11
In some situations, it makes sense to have more than one GDB instance. Allow to reuse the GDB controling layer to avoid more code duplication than neccessary to have a second GDB session. Change-Id: I641919157c5b86c14ff768c8cd3fcddc9dcdbeb2 Signed-off-by: Torbjörn SVENSSON <>
2018-11-29Remove JVM MaxPermSize arguments (unused since Java 8)Marc-Andre Laperle1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie33b44064429f409fa721141f14f4e519014f6aa Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-11-26Bug 530443: Limit output to 10 lines per MI outputBaha El Kassaby8-34/+127
Some commands, such as -file-list-exec-source-files, can generate 10s of thousands of lines of output. Change-Id: I07fc3ef99bdd8e9247c75e2e9733e43b35657687 Signed-off-by: Baha El Kassaby <> Also-by: Jonah Graham <>
2018-11-26Bug 541520: Make GDB version detection standaloneMax Bureck2-74/+32
Provides GDB version detection as a public API that can be used without having a saved launch config, or having a launch config at all. Change-Id: Ifaee337899c01fe7066b27f7d66484bfc728f5ed Signed-off-by: Max Bureck <>
2018-11-24Bug 540373: Post code-cleanup for DSF examplesJonah Graham1-1/+1
The DSF Examples contains some commented out source that is enabled via a script so this commit cleans that up for new formatting rules. Change-Id: I82c5e195cc3746415c659b2c0fc72b8118cdc56c
2018-11-24Bug 540373: Update the compiler warnings/ignoresJonah Graham10-46/+46
The previous alignment of all the warnings/ignores led to too many warnings that weren't there before. This commit relaxes them a bit. The core/org.eclipse.cdt.core/.settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs is still the "master" copy, with releng/scripts/ containing the exceptions that apply to test plug-ins. Change-Id: Ibd4e31ade0b42b31e7cbe5a94f06c6fc15183a56
2018-11-24[releng] Add missing @since tagJonah Graham1-0/+3
Change-Id: I21eb74aaed8d789e8f7d68dae58bf83cddb8f138
2018-11-23Bug 540373: Fix trailing whitespace in MANIFEST.MFsJonah Graham2-2/+2
Change-Id: I818e939ec4667bea4c7bcd5cd3c1af1a273ca0ce
2018-11-23Bug 540373: Format some Java files that were missedJonah Graham15-188/+167
Some files which has other cleanups applied meant they needed to be reformatted again. e.g. the removing of type parameters shortened some lines of code that meant the wrapping changed. Change-Id: I68ca09567b9530cc2a085c33923642b6de2ec77b
2018-11-23Bug 540373: Cleanup: Remove trailing whitespace in properties filesJonah Graham21-60/+60
Command used: # Remove space at eol in comments find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/^(#.*)[ \t]+$/\1/' {} + # Remove space at eol in blank lines find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/^[ \t]+$//' {} + # Replace escaped spaces at eol with unicode find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/([^\\])\\ $/\1\\u0020/' {} + # Replace unescaped spaces at eol with unicode find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/([^\\]) $/\1\\u0020/' {} + # Replace escaped tabs at eol with unicode find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/([^\\])\\\t$/\1\\u0009/' {} + # Replace unescaped tabs at eol with unicode find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/([^\\])\t$/\1\\u0009/' {} + # Stage all changes git add -A . # trim any remaining whitespace and then identify and fixup # manually # Only dsf/org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.ui/src/org/eclipse/cdt/dsf/debug/ui/viewmodel/ # needed this due to missing newline at end of the file find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/[ \t]+$//' {} + Change-Id: I858f16891fe001f4f7e62d5a4f904146e891cd39
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Cleanup: Remove trailing whitespace in Java filesJonah Graham2-2/+2
Some Java files were missed, or other cleanups introduced trailing whitespace. So clean it up with this commit. Command used: find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.java -exec sed -i -E 's/[ \t]+$//' {} + Change-Id: I18f5e3a3eb5352443c9e753d427bb8d06107b8a4
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Remove '(non-Javadoc)' commentsJonah Graham17-190/+0
These were inserted in the past automatically by Eclipse but newer tooling makes them redundant. These were removed by doing a global find/replace on *.java files using the following regular expression: \t/\*\n\t \* \(non-Javadoc\)[^/]*/\n Change-Id: I59d3248020f10934fde1dda5b5a31e20bb188e19
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Cleanup: Remove redundant semicolonsJonah Graham53-109/+105
This was done by selecting all projects in Eclipse then Source -> Clean Up... -> choosing: - Remove redundant semicolons and completing the wizard Change-Id: I3d3175cfdfadec4f815c551d486e42c9f57b80ce
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Cleanup: Remove redundant type argumentsJonah Graham136-491/+491
This was done by selecting all projects in Eclipse then Source -> Clean Up... -> choosing: - Remove redundant type arguments and completing the wizard Change-Id: Iaecc7010f097b4b1fabd29ccaa34ccb23a716fbf
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Cleanup: Organize ImportsJonah Graham17-22/+18
This was done by selecting all projects in Eclipse then Source -> Clean Up... -> choosing: - Organize Imports and completing the wizard Change-Id: Ia7b305a4c967d0e6f4e8fb8c1041e7028b24006c
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Cleanup: Format & Remove trailing whitespaceJonah Graham724-53975/+53859
This was done by selecting all projects in Eclipse then Source -> Clean Up... -> choosing: - Format source code - Remove trailing white spaces on all lines and completing the wizard Change-Id: I63685372c6bcc67719bcf145123bcb72e5b00394
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Standard .settings auto appliedJonah Graham35-72/+5120
The releng/scripts/ was run to copy standard settings to all other projects. Change-Id: I4436c947d7f0142f56b709e661379c3eb54f666b
2018-11-22Bug 540371: Update to EPLv2 using releng/scripts/change_to_eplv2.shJonah Graham801-2524/+4985
Change-Id: Ifbb1d5af2a00bd5634dea200320e8c4303ffca6c
2018-11-22Bug 540371: normalize files before applying EPLv2Jonah Graham2-2/+2
Change-Id: I8bfd427bba1df18579d6d5e58ad1e5d704485050

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