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2018-02-12Update GDB versions in download-build-gdb.shSimon Marchi1-1/+1
- 8.0.1 is out now, so we should use this instead of 8.0. - 8.1 is out, so add it. Change-Id: Iba8a0cf453dfd0b2e488fd89f7412a02aac421f6 Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <>
2018-02-06Bug 530635: Add ability to do "set remotetimeout" via UIJonah Graham15-23/+245
Change-Id: Iaeaea1e8656d85cb854a5b27f5f212fa37a3159d
2018-01-26Bug 530371: fix device disposed SWTException on shutdownJonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: I2cb4bf5da4ce35d8b7da4a31d0fa2845c9587985
2017-11-18Bug 527419: Process async output with no variableJohn Dallaway1-8/+12
Change-Id: I4deb2b9db4421016b27e01353b0ae4745b139361 Signed-off-by: John Dallaway <>
2017-11-15Bug 500988: better handle race condition in SourceContainerJonah Graham1-1/+31
Instead of an indiscriminate NPE at termination of a launch, handle it more cleanly with a friendly error message. Change-Id: Ie37e675c3f5e4883c0b160bfe86c4848f1983fa7
2017-11-13Serial Flash Target and Launch. Clean up Generic Launch.Doug Schaefer2-1/+7
Adds target, launch classes, and launch bar support for targets intended to upload their code to flash using a Serial Port. The port is co-ordinated with the Serial Terminal so that the terminal is paused during the upload. Also cleaned up the Generic Launch so it's not using the External Tools launch which has a number of UX issues. This simplifies the settings and gives us more control. And it's made reusable for the Serial Flash launch. Change-Id: I31e9970243fbf1cf22d027bbdb892fde104dbefe
2017-11-13Bug 520580: Implement new-console support on WindowsJonah Graham13-38/+258
A new checkbox on Windows only that starts inferiors in new window. Change-Id: If3efbe5e6b037e3b1c9528eed67068088702b0fe
2017-11-09Bug 527090: fix bad whitespace on windowsJonah Graham1-2/+2
Change-Id: Iba9d1ff94cc1ffa2bc53944256b4562a50f10c5a
2017-11-09Bug 522367: prevent hang of -target-attach on Ubuntu 16.04 / GDB 7.11Jonah Graham7-12/+114
-target-attach on Ubuntu 16.04 / GDB 7.11 does not flush its error response, leaving CDT hanging in final launch sequence. Sending a newline to GDB after the target-attach causes GDB to flush the buffer so CDT sees the error. Change-Id: I8816ac6c88eeaffc6d243ebdae9eb347cfdc5cf0
2017-10-19Bug 526254: Increase choice of speeds to match that of modern USB SerialAlex Schuilenburg1-2/+6
FTDI chips. Increase the choice of serial baud rates for GDB as modern USB Serial FTDI chips can reliably support serial baud rates higher than the old RS232 115200 maxiumum. Change-Id: If60fd006fdb02d94e86ef2e76a26b56da7a3a067 Signed-off-by: Alex Schuilenburg <>
2017-10-12Allow for changing manually setting toolchains for build configs.Doug Schaefer1-132/+130
A number of changes that clean up how build configs are done. Now build settings are stored with the build config instead of in launch configs. That makes it less launch bar specific. Add build settings UI to change the toolchain used for a given launch config. Also changed CMake so it's IToolchain based instead of property which doesn't work when multiple IToolchains match. Change-Id: I958d90ede3c1f873ab1530c2b2880808e8f7abef
2017-10-06Add UI tests plugin for CMake. Fix a couple of bugs it found.Doug Schaefer1-13/+0
Also restructures the pom.xmls to put the modules in the top level so we can order them to have the test plugins build after them. Change-Id: I2f0e4ebd252791fb8844cdf0f635d574946207aa
2017-10-06Bug 525666: Fix NPE when DebuggerConsole closes before async code can runJonah Graham1-2/+10
Fix the async calls that can run after the DebuggerConsole is closed and removed so that they can't NPE. Change-Id: I7905ee18a92be0ff5de25a4c8d770a694b06bfe1
2017-10-06Bug 525667: Allow IGDBFocusSynchronizer to be an optional serviceJonah Graham1-1/+7
All the uses of the service in the code base allow it not to exist, so allow the service not to exist at launch too. Change-Id: I907038907e87d5fbc882272b6e41cd1587617281
2017-10-06Bug 525664: Add missing close in new Debugger ConsoleJonah Graham1-0/+7
On Windows the PTY's waitFor will be blocked (and therefore not see debugger termination) until the handle to stream is closed. Change-Id: Ifa079a064733a12a03b07c3e7361e1d19d2b8be8
2017-09-11Update feature versions to CDT 9.4.Doug Schaefer2-2/+2
Also remove remaining pom.xmls for feature projects. Change-Id: I78d6335f92d70ad2699b8a25801ff72d2935aefe
2017-08-15Bug 520952: Use filename when handling function breakpoints in consoleJonah Graham2-24/+323
Change-Id: I6bcdc658bf4c9453cdbe156808b292296a214fde
2017-06-23Bug 518699: cleanup platform breakpoints between testsJonah Graham3-11/+47
Ensure no platform breakpoints are left over from previous tests Change-Id: I3266636e9014d4930ec72f7411c9a4dc737d0d9f
2017-06-22Bug 516102: Change DSF tests to run GDB 8.0 tests by defaultJonah Graham2-1/+3
Change-Id: I868d58fd4eeee812fa3e5361561a9eb879a71627
2017-06-22Bug 518643: Increase wait for CDT to quit GDBJonah Graham1-2/+4
This is due to a new 500ms delay between inferior exiting and CDT killing GDB. Change-Id: I561f69e74caff3e82d89fd8cf2e4babe2c30392a
2017-06-22Bug 516102: Add fs_base as new register in GDB 8.0Jonah Graham1-1/+9
Change-Id: Ia0600cca38153139fe0b6fb63f087821e0cd336a
2017-06-22Bug 516102: Adding GDB 8.0 to the scriptJonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: I5ca3e76e57f4b27dce842b08e729e3542b874248
2017-06-22Bug 518627: Squelch Device Disposed exception at shutdownJonah Graham2-2/+19
Note, can't simply check isDisposed as that still leaves a race condition between isDisposed call and asyncExec call Change-Id: I3e0e196d9d1dd9b9c8d4048a1aec55405d6dd6e0
2017-05-23Bug 516227: solib-search-path with space failsVincent Guignot1-6/+10
If the solib-search-path path contains a space, CDT adds doubles quote to escape the space (in MIStandardParameterAdjustable class) . But Gdb client doesn’t understand the double quotes path. This patch do not add double quotes when the path contains spaces. Change-Id: I080be17023647dfac2b00296cdd54c7f9499102a Signed-off-by: Vincent Guignot <>
2017-05-05Bug 516053: Enable extending of MIBreakpointsManager/SynchronizerJonah Graham2-74/+184
This involves API improvements and documentation to allow extenders to extend these DSF services. Change-Id: Ieb87a6fca757794c9f950d610bb6999e8a86e30d
2017-05-05Bug 516244: Allow subclasses to provide the current CLI contextJonah Graham1-3/+18
Change-Id: I8138f16bb57433af1690dbd77a735c810cef052f
2017-05-05Bug 516053: Allow MIBreakpointDMData to be extendedJonah Graham7-109/+150
New API to allow third-parties to extend MIBreakpointDMData with their own custom Breakpoint handling. Includes deperecating of MIBreakpointNature that was not used anywhere in CDT except within internals of MIBreakpointDMData. It arguably should never have been API in the first place. Change-Id: I6bcdf2ccaa28d15835ab022648b9b4b0aa7498a7
2017-05-05Bug 516053: Allow MIBreakpoint to be extendedJonah Graham6-13/+101
New API to allow third-parties to extend MIBreakpoint with their own custom Breakpoint handling. Change-Id: I64abfc41916a2053cfbed7e3db2357fbf2572050
2017-04-28Bug 499778: Stop losing stacktraces in testsJonah Graham7-222/+34
Rather than try/catch/fail just let exception cascade so that the full stacktrace is available in the test results. The braces have been left in place for scoping and to minimize changes. Change-Id: I5407829ea964f828e3f996794489a7b884de25fb
2017-04-28Bug 399494 - Consider all variable objects as not complexSimon Marchi3-6/+93
There are cases where we consider some variables as complex when they are not. In particular, if a pointer is declared using a typedef, is will be considered complex with the current code. This is because it has a child (the pointed value), but CDT doesn't know it's a pointer. One of the consequence is that we assume the value is not modifiable. Therefore, we won't update its value when it changes, and we won't let the user edit it. Initially I thought it would be safe to assume that variables with two or more children are complex, but pointers to structures have as many children as the structure has fields. Therefore, a pointer to a structure, declared as a typedef, will still be wrongfully considered as complex. Since there's no easy way to know for sure whether a variable is complex, just assume everything is simple. I added a test to verify that the value of a pointer declared using a typedef will update correctly in CDT as it changes in the program. There are two distinct scenarios, pointers that are variables and pointers that are fields of structures. Instead of adding content to testUpdateOfPointer, I decided to make a similar test method, testUpdateOfPointerTypedef. The original test method was getting too long and was difficult to follow. I think it's good to keep them short and focused. Another test verifies that the same kind of pointer can properly be written/modified by the user. Change-Id: If43b3b6e49cd4a20ea929c2a096745a32de14cd0 Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <>
2017-04-26Fix typo in javadocJonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: I24a3a59423b8c9a153abc9e4d99f94d7760aa3a2 Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2017-04-25Bug 515768: Don't install BPs that are entirely filteredJonah Graham1-15/+23
This check already existed for modifying breakpoints, but didn't exist for creating new breakpoints or installing initial breakpoints. Change-Id: I5ff5ce0b3ac603ccffa49bd98d60f7202505a7bd Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2017-04-25Bug 515756: Allow extending classes to provide getFilterExtensionJonah Graham1-6/+3
This affects the synchronizer as it now should defer to the manager to get the filter extension, instead of trying to load it directly. Change-Id: I0e646f115ba089453c56f2cc356a4e0a99a1a3b7 Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2017-04-24Bug 515653: Fix SWT disposed exceptionJonah Graham1-7/+5
Change-Id: I2d39961189552602464ee96e0464eba060fcfb03
2017-04-15Bug 515307: Run test order of magnitude fasterJonah Graham1-91/+31
Remove massage timeouts for places waiting for no events This is a partial revert of c19640498de038304950a388022991d227b06356 which was part of Bug 499784. Change-Id: Ib66ed5eaf45977d4ffae77358deaf1f593e005c6 Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2017-04-15Bug 515307: Run test order of magnitude fasterJonah Graham1-2/+7
The test was much too conservative on how long it waited for an event to arrive. On my machine the time was 10 ms, so I set a baseline time to wait of 100 ms allowing time for additional event to arrive. Change-Id: Ic435d360e8781936682c19b838aeec13fa3d60bd
2017-04-14Bug 515304: profiles to parallelize testsuiteJonah Graham1-0/+1
Change-Id: I02095334c2176bfb9a2968d91b6175af37123f5b Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2017-03-27Bug 512180: Ensure previous launch is fully terminatedMarc Khouzam1-5/+10
DsfTerminateCommand leaves a timeout job on the executor queue, remove it proactively so the executor doesn't sit around just waiting for it to terminate. Change-Id: If26411a5b6e0d35a1c45582e91ba62d24cef6bbb
2017-03-23Bug 379225: Address FindBugs issues for DSF-GDBMarc Khouzam2-16/+32
Change-Id: Id0bb91c7aaef0e356d1989e1dc949542813d2309
2017-03-23Various enhancements to download-build-gdb.shSimon Marchi1-15/+15
I ran shellcheck [1] on the script and it found various minor things to improve. - Use $(...) instead of `...` to run commands in a subshell. - Wrap all variables in quotes, in case there are spaces. At the same time, I noticed a few other things: - Use "#!/usr/bin/env bash" instead of "#!/bin/bash", in case the user uses a bash not at /bin/bash. - Use "set -o errexit" instead of "set -e" for better readability. - Use "set -o nounset" to generate errors if trying to read unset variables. - Pass CXXFLAGS in addition to CFLAGS, since GDB is now in C++. - Use ${CFLAGS:-} instead of ${CFLAGS}, in case CFLAGS is not set (because of "set -o nounset"). - Don't check for result of getopt. If it fails, the script ends immediatly due to errexit. [1] Change-Id: If73f3510e46ca80d542d47c29c55b48b8b0bc697 Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <>
2017-03-07Bug 400628: Add extra info to error messageJonah Graham1-4/+6
Change-Id: I8102f1ad0fd6f2fc9f83bba8606098cf8f19b893
2017-03-07Bug 367256 - Debugger doesn't handle invalid breakpoints properlyMikhail Khodjaiants3-4/+146
Change-Id: I4a86015c61164edf9a7840acb40b7b74a4cf8e61
2017-03-07Bug 512180: Ensure previous launch is fully terminatedJonah Graham2-2/+5
This has two parts. 1) In the base test itself check that the executor is shutdown. 2) GDBBackend leaves a timeout job on the executor queue, remove it proactively so the executor doesn't sit around just waiting for it to terminate. Change-Id: I9fc10f70031430f4613e0edc95093a60cf695e90 Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2017-03-06Use line tags in MIExpressionsTest.testUpdateOfPointerSimon Marchi2-13/+31
Running to different points of the test program using line tags is easier and safer than stepping a certain number of times. Since I want to modify this test to add a pointer-behind-typedef test, I thought it would be good to first convert it to line tags. I also took the liberty of giving more meaningful names to the structure fields, even though it doesn't change anything in the test. Change-Id: Ife7e2ae8557789dfc7403df71ba5126ca84b80e0 Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <>
2017-03-06Make MIExpressionsTest.testUpdateOfPointer use SyncUtilSimon Marchi2-228/+58
Modify MIExpressionsTest.testUpdateOfPointer so that it only uses synchronous methods. There is no change of behavior intended, the test should do pretty much the same thing as before, but should be a bit more readable. One difference is that we don't need to re-create the IExpressionDMContext objects when we want to re-evaluate the expressions (after stepping the 2nd time). We can just call getExpressionValue on the again, which will trigger a -var-update. Change-Id: I09bb914b097888bf3146df0096eb9d824441ffa8 Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <>
2017-03-04Bug 512180 and Bug 501906: Minimize unstable testsJonah Graham2-1/+17
As deleting launch configurations has a race condition that can cause them not to become undeletable, only delete them for the tests that they really need to be deleted for. Change-Id: I040cbc83ba29a9f3a791b0bf4348a3179792ec65 Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2017-02-28Bug 449104: Enhance Register Grouping for multi processesBruno Medeiros6-23/+398
This patch adds support to GDBRegisters for persisting the register group configuration on a per-process/per-core basis. The default behavior of GDBRegisters is not modified. Instead, subclasses must override getPersistenceIdForRegisterGroupContainer(IContainerDMContext) to enable the new behavior, and provide a persistence id that is stable across launches. Update: fixed bug in RegisterGroupDescriptor.getContainerId() Change-Id: I284df3ee215d9a4a9f72f3dca9aba5c16ca4b850 Signed-off-by: Bruno Medeiros <>
2017-02-17Revert "Bug 512303 - [tests] job debug-tests-master-all-gdb-versions has issues"Marc Dumais2-10/+0
This reverts commit ad845e6c3a9359ed1f4a0fa5cc61a64e43e6ffe1. Change-Id: I58e75b3a59b87c3a718aa9cd8fd56afd5188161f
2017-02-16Bug 512303 - [tests] job debug-tests-master-all-gdb-versions has issuesMarc Dumais2-0/+10
Disabling test suites MIExpressionsTest and StepIntoSelectionTest for GDB < 7.5. Change-Id: I93b7739fc8c93a90f205122f6332754e99f739ca
2017-02-15Add a default file to enable/disable tracing for the debug testsAlvaro Sanchez-Leon2-0/+2
The dsf.debug.options file can be updated to run o.e.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb with debug information by changing its corresponding value from "false" to "true". Change-Id: I1faa5fdb2bfd11ce3e6e599e2cbeefcfa19ce3b6

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