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2019-05-20Bug 546805 - Infinite recursion in self-aggregationHannes Vogt2-3/+46
Protects for infinite recursion in case the type (illegally) aggregates itself. Change-Id: I2e70f85a73b3d2ed6fec432fa2f768f2bcf8d1bf Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-05-20Bug 545021 - Implement noexcept operatorHannes Vogt44-46/+531
- Adds getNoexceptSpecifier() to ICPPFunctionType, returning the evaluation for the noexcept specifier. - Adds isNoexcept() to ICPPEvaluation, which returns the result of applying the noexcept operator to the evaluation. - Empty throw() specifier is treated as noexcept(true). - Improves EvalTypeID.isConstantExpression() for conversions. Change-Id: I4c6418aea21bb258693b33d956bc3745918f3759 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-05-18Bug 500000 - Fix API warningsMarco Stornelli1-0/+9
Change-Id: Ia99ccbffc3cbe361e7ce2bca05b604ece8255e8b Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-18Bug 353022 - Fix format switch without parenthesisMarco Stornelli2-1/+23
Change-Id: I8d8a6498abe5c08c65c03f86b563563910f01098 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-16Bug 547174 - Clean core project doesn't always show active in consoleJeff Johnston1-1/+2
- add missing ProjectDescription.setBuildConfigs calls to CoreBuildLaunchBarTracker, CoreBuildLaunchConfigDelegate and CBuildConfiguration Change-Id: I0d1097d04f3a210a6a7e9f8ad35adb9ba5d7c3d6
2019-05-16Bug 500000 - Fix API warningMarco Stornelli1-0/+3
Change-Id: I520dccda37fd7bf675abbf3230de1d8a01307588 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-16Bug 547398 - Fix ConcurrentModificationException in ToolChainManagerJeff Johnston1-3/+3
- fix references of orderedToolChains list in for loops to use array copy Change-Id: Id6ad9ae5e680ed581a2b3ceddf2bfc19b68dcccd
2019-05-16Bug 120883 - Compliant "rule of 5" class wizardMarco Stornelli9-2/+401
Added the optional generation of copy constructor, move constructor, assignment operator and move assignment operator. Change-Id: I1fc0a04fd52ea828ca24d0fe57148b06dd27ed95 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-15Bug 547174 - Clean core project doesn't always show active in consoleJeff Johnston1-0/+14
- order build config names so when clean for a project goes through the build configs, it finds the active one last and thus it will appear in the CDT build console - do this in CoreBuildLaunchbarTracker.setActiveBuildConfig() - do this in CBuildConfiguration.setActive() - do this in CoreBuildLaunchConfigDelegate.buildForLaunch() Change-Id: I379d6c9ba298f02cbc75d16e9941527cd2f9f45c
2019-05-15Bug 547144 - Switching from Local to docker container and back failsJeff Johnston1-0/+3
- fix CBuildConfigurationManager createBuildConfiguration to always ensure "" is added to the build configuration names so future references to Local will find the default build configuration in the ProjectDescription Change-Id: If15dde12befe060b4eb7c0ba2a2aeabbc1089ffa
2019-05-15Bug 547145 - Core build use of ProjectDescription should be synchronizedJeff Johnston2-11/+17
- synchronized core build project description manipulations using CoreModel as synchronization class Change-Id: Ic1312d5819ddc08acb492f57a2d87f1998329805
2019-05-15Bug 500000 - Added proper formatting for lambda expressionsMarco Stornelli9-3/+347
Change-Id: Ia530b00f3710b74d1749978c9c5d23a2d55646f0 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-13Fix API rules errors caused by updating target platform toClément Hurlin1-3/+18
Eclipse-2019-06 Change-Id: I7270399ae6dc55d13ffd5986f41c5f6fe03781f1 Signed-off-by: Clément Hurlin <>
2019-05-12Bug 461435 - Added options to format pointers in methodsMarco Stornelli24-248/+453
Rules used: 1) Default is right alignment to be compliant with built-in formatter rules; 2) Pointer with declarator without name will be always left alignment unless there's a nested declarator; 3) Return value of methods/functions is always left alignment; 4) If left alignment is selected, if space after comma is selected too for a declaration list, space is always forced after the comma. Change-Id: I82d5ad130e665e5357644cc59655a558f3fb732f Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-12Bug 405409 - Formatting namespaces with inactive sectionsMarco Stornelli2-3/+56
Local scanner was peeking tokens from inactive regions confusing the formatter. Change-Id: I5975ec1042474be84b897e047a1e59cfc8bfa083 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-08Bug 239878 - Added new line before identifier to the UIMarco Stornelli3-0/+6
The option was already used but there wasn't any widget in the UI to let user change it. Change-Id: Ib8795468cc83b89bb3ef9676a5e0ed3f288d55da Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-08Bug 390324 - Fix cast operator containing func declaratorMarco Stornelli2-3/+44
Change-Id: I935fe1daabd18372062916e5a896896f5cab604f Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-08Bug 546221 - Fix exception for nested namespacesMarco Stornelli2-4/+21
Change-Id: I6de8844a910350a0e834a8f38e1c17d4eba32842 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-05-05Bug 546843 - Initialization from dependent argumentHannes Vogt2-0/+48
Create deferred functions for constructor calls with dependent arguments. Change-Id: I007dd4fd12c13acdcb39225b73051589f6dafad3 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-04-29Bug 545756 - Fix aggregate init from string literalHannes Vogt2-2/+4
Fix nested type for typedefs Change-Id: Ie8ff31c9db9f3112487760640885066ea8cb0fd3 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-04-28Bug 546395 - Adjust keybinding for "copy qualified name" featureMarc-Andre Laperle1-1/+1
Fix keybinding so that is doesn't conflict with "Last edit location" Change-Id: I75ab9ad4a46e64808cbe4f71dfa95f75fc20780e Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2019-04-28Bug 303870 - Add override virtual methods functionalityMarco Stornelli29-25/+2223
Added overridemethods package Change-Id: I73a8f0a396336acf7d3bbc8988e629da510ae781 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <> Signed-off-by: pmarek <>
2019-04-26Bug 546395 - Added "copy qualified name" featureJeff Johnston1-17/+1
- fix isValidSelection() to not bog down performance Change-Id: I8d3b595c988f09c731d76b8174f5175b31115460
2019-04-24Bug 546395 - Added "copy qualified name" featureMarco Stornelli13-8/+246
Change-Id: I66b544cf7d9b05fcf1e9d5641cfd5d6060fa802c Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-21Bug 546619 - NPE in CPPClosureType.isSameType()Hannes Vogt2-0/+3
Change-Id: I0a529f439c1422b89a9c5fca855c2c75818f9927 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-04-19Bug 545756 - Improve EvalBinding.isConstantExpression()Hannes Vogt6-6/+53
Previously, all variables with an initial value (even non-const) were treated as constant expressions, now only constexpr variables, static const members and global const variables are treated as constant expression. Change-Id: I2acb4033a1f75110302ea25640afb070d025ec2b Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-04-16Bug 544818: Unparenthesized conditional expressions in trailing returnFelix Morgner2-0/+9
type causes parse error Change-Id: I55131a2f1b6c6eec674f4f298b320d31a78d2829 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Felix Morgner <>
2019-04-13Bug 546391 - Fix on/off tagsMarco Stornelli4-19/+133
Change-Id: If23ac8f7777c5088b892a31a543741c244dd1a4a Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-10Bug 397710 - Fix bool macro used in struct/classMarco Stornelli2-11/+33
Change-Id: Ifc900b4b5f522ce778c49072eb9ceac7be9234ed Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-09Bug 449394 - Fix constructor init list formattingMarco Stornelli7-4/+99
Init list was always on new lines regardless user input about new line policy or wrapping policy. Change-Id: I1ac85611129c23e89d9b299ca87ced314ad542f3 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-08Bug 468206 - unable to change search match background colorTomasz Rojek1-1/+1
Search background color will be now taken from: Preferences > General > Appearance > Color and Fonts > Match highlight background color so it will look good on both default and dark theme. Change-Id: I2800b6cd3ac651cda577cc533149f0ead0fa75f3 Signed-off-by: Tomasz Rojek <>
2019-04-08Bug 468206 - Fix color for search matchingMarco Stornelli2-5/+18
We used color keys not saved in the preferences and without any UI widget. The user wasn't able to change them. Change-Id: I48bc4e411d2bc016501613b7dbfb0e7f95532099 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-08Bug 414681 - Added new line empty statement to UIMarco Stornelli3-8/+8
Formatter has an option for it but the user can't change it without an option in the UI. Change-Id: Ibe3f36bd55b24ef06c13300792e425592285c8ea Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-08Bug 361768 - Fix formatting of multiple empty macrosMarco Stornelli2-1/+30
Change-Id: I9ba68533ce65de3309eb8d2186b2488985f457d2 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-08Bug 453385 - Fix for loop formattingMarco Stornelli2-8/+23
When "before semicolon" was selected the space was inserted only if the init clause was a declaration. If it was an expression the formatter was skipped. Change-Id: I54605591b9a0829338dadb51e59460064b060697 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-05Bug 475349 - Formatting of macro with function styleMarco Stornelli2-1/+14
Change-Id: I58f5670749812202464f17336b273b7d1495209f Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-05Bug 299482 - New options to format linkage declarationsMarco Stornelli10-10/+213
Change-Id: Ied06beae3fc28255e2c1b6ba8b23fd69591e3d39 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-04Bug 467346 - Fix formatting structs with attributesMarco Stornelli2-0/+57
Change-Id: Iff1be840ec6281bd0de1aaec593d53a033f6dec8 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-04-03Bug 545756 - Handle the case where CPPVisitor.get_SIZE_T() returns a typedefNathan Ridge1-7/+11
Change-Id: Ib30c68c4d7de72d9a6cb2a90b9030aaad4932e6f
2019-04-03Bug 545819 - Meson properties dialog doesn't work with meson 0.50.1Jeff Johnston1-4/+8
- fix meson properties page to use meson setup -h - reenable meson ui tests - fix CMake New Project test to wait for shell open/closes - fix regression in EvalUnaryTypeID that is made visible by CMake New project test Change-Id: Id64d4df6d9764d0c84553b5c4f73fa44149bda19
2019-04-02Bug 545756 - Aggregate: init char array from literalHannes Vogt2-0/+111
Implement [dcl.init.string] in aggregate initialization Change-Id: Ib6cf51cf08885dbfc281814c6521da3579301492 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-03-30Bug 545957 - Fix for brace elision ruleHannes Vogt2-10/+22
Change-Id: Ie470c1d9a986beb1b177e3d3d571071f6ed1b8f8 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-03-30Reduce template argument nesting depth limitNathan Ridge1-1/+1
AST2TemplateTests.testTemplateArgumentNestingDepthLimit_512297() is failing in the new CI infrastructure, presumably due to having less stack space? Change-Id: I05a67cc1492fed3ffe8840e32a1bc4ce7f6b75a7
2019-03-30Bug 545756 - Fix initialization of constant expressionsHannes Vogt4-2/+41
- propagate associatedNumericalValue in sizeof() - set associatedNumericalValue from LiteralExpression Change-Id: Ibf1fdb70e7bbbb889113f337a0b12532c5040300 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2019-03-26Bug 545751 - NPE in EvalTypeId.getValue()Nathan Ridge1-8/+12
Change-Id: Ia11dc1a8af6633ffe54ca927c68bf8dc837604a0
2019-03-21Bug 545562 - Fix return checker check for template functionsMarco Stornelli2-7/+5
Change-Id: Ie5e3d4560cb3784f6c8393290d64794db56294d7 Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
2019-03-21Bug 545360 - Completion in namespace aliasNathan Ridge3-2/+38
Change-Id: Ica4955409780f4d5000356ffe5d56dc0ce787ee7
2019-03-18Build with Eclipse 2019-03 dependenciesMarc-Andre Laperle59-3999/+0
CDT nows defaults to targetting Eclipse 4.11 along with dependencies in the Eclipse 2019-03 simultaenous release. Once consequence is that 32-bit and ppc64 fragments are removed. Change-Id: I032fedb27a4e5086f10051b3b2ca9c9c59c3b965 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2019-03-15Bug 545463 - Docker Build occasionally shows unknown includes in editorJeff Johnston1-1/+9
- add checks in CBuildConfiguration so that a scanner info that has no include paths stored should be treated as no scanner info and the data should be fetched again Change-Id: I6820c56304aed568a58b6058145e912d71fa33c1
2019-03-08Fix typo in JavadocKarsten Thoms1-1/+1
Change-Id: I0a310cc8f955674cfbccedfbc4e60c02e274b7c5 Signed-off-by: Karsten Thoms <>

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