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2011-10-17Switched to Java 1.6.Sergey Prigogin3-9/+9
2011-10-17Bug 333839 - NPE opening Rename refactoring dialog.Sergey Prigogin2-7/+6
2011-10-17Fixed compiler warnings.Sergey Prigogin1-4/+9
2011-10-17Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-9/+6
2011-10-17Fixed compiler warnings.Sergey Prigogin2-35/+17
2011-10-17Bug 333839 - NPE opening Rename refactoring dialogMarc-Andre Laperle1-1/+6
2011-10-17Fixed compiler warnings.Sergey Prigogin19-68/+180
2011-10-17Initial support for non-PDOM index fragments contributed through anSergey Prigogin13-117/+209
2011-10-17Switched to Java 1.6.Sergey Prigogin8-21/+26
2011-10-17Changed the execution environment to JavaSE-1.6Sergey Prigogin10-10/+10
2011-10-17Merge branch 'bug_197989_B'Sergey Prigogin91-1770/+4346
2011-10-17Removed use of a deprecated method.Sergey Prigogin1-4/+9
2011-10-17Prefer header variants that were parsed in context of a source file.Sergey Prigogin1-32/+54
2011-10-17Fixed an NPE.Sergey Prigogin1-3/+3
2011-10-15Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-2/+0
2011-10-15Fixed a deprecation warning.Sergey Prigogin1-9/+9
2011-10-14Fixed broken tests.Sergey Prigogin1-1/+1
2011-10-14Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-2/+2
2011-10-14Fixed test breakage caused by an additional index event.Sergey Prigogin1-4/+5
2011-10-12Bug 360378 - Confusing behavior when the current file is not part of theSergey Prigogin17-377/+485
2011-10-11Bug 352256 - NPE when resetting Name Style to defaultsMarc-Andre Laperle1-1/+1
2011-10-11Bug 359392 - Source hover should not show source when hovering over function ...Anton Leherbauer1-4/+12
2011-10-10Bug 359658 - code formatter does not work as expected when complicate macro p...Anton Leherbauer2-14/+40
2011-10-08Bug 356863 - Can't finish ImplementMethod wizard when methods contain aMarc-Andre Laperle1-0/+8
2011-10-07Disabled IndexMultiVariantHeaderTest.testSignificantMacroDetection testSergey Prigogin1-1/+4
2011-10-07Option to record defined macros during expansion.Markus Schorn2-15/+22
2011-10-06Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-24/+28
2011-10-06Bug 360058 - NPE in NewClassCodeGenerator when attempting to createSergey Prigogin3-58/+79
2011-10-06Fixed a bogus test failure.Sergey Prigogin1-1/+1
2011-10-06Bug 359653: Range based for loop with auto type.Markus Schorn2-2/+30
2011-10-06Bug 358654: Improve name of testcase.Markus Schorn1-1/+1
2011-10-06Bug 358654: Added testcase.Markus Schorn1-0/+9
2011-10-05Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-1/+1
2011-10-05Manage the removal of an include guardMarkus Schorn6-77/+214
2011-10-05Cleanup handling of new file-versions.Markus Schorn2-77/+73
2011-10-04Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin6-85/+77
2011-10-04Bug 359905 - Invalid formatting of comment in enum.Sergey Prigogin2-0/+23
2011-10-04Expanded a Javadoc comment.Sergey Prigogin1-0/+4
2011-10-04Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-2/+2
2011-10-04Removed a redundant test.Sergey Prigogin1-59/+2
2011-10-04Fix bugs revealed by the testcases.Markus Schorn6-21/+43
2011-10-03Added another failing test.Sergey Prigogin1-0/+30
2011-10-03Added two more multi-variant header update tests. Currently all theseSergey Prigogin1-4/+175
2011-10-03Comment adjustment.Sergey Prigogin1-1/+1
2011-10-03Bug 359485: Workaround deadlock with preferences.Markus Schorn1-3/+10
2011-10-03Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin3-36/+29
2011-10-03Added a multi-variant header update test that is not passing yet.Sergey Prigogin1-3/+57
2011-10-02Removed dependency on a deprecated method.Sergey Prigogin4-57/+69
2011-10-02Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin3-36/+29
2011-10-02Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin5-67/+36

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