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2017-02-21Bug 509320: Revert update to re-exported versionJonah Graham1-1/+1
2017-02-20Make new constructor private to avoid adding APIMarc Khouzam1-4/+1
2017-02-20Update version to 9.2.1Marc Khouzam16-16/+16
2017-02-17Bug 512262 - Remove the unnecessary ICPPEvaluationOwner interfaceNathan Ridge45-110/+103
2017-02-12Bug 511726 - Handle unresolved field owner type in CPPASTFieldReference.getFi...Nathan Ridge2-0/+9
2017-02-12Bug 511658 - Destructor call via alias template nameNathan Ridge2-3/+37
2017-02-12Bug 511122 - Instantiation of dependent destructor nameNathan Ridge3-6/+73
2017-02-11Bug 511427 - ClassCastException in CompositeCPPClassType.wrapBindings()Nathan Ridge2-2/+20
2017-02-11Bug 511274 - Compute correct replacement length for ParameterGuessingProposalNathan Ridge2-1/+14
2017-02-10Bug 511108 - Update the set of supported feature reported in __has_featureNathan Ridge1-5/+5
2017-02-10Bug 511186 - Noexcept specifier in type template argumentNathan Ridge2-1/+8
2017-02-10Bug 511108 - When parsing as clang, enable the extensions supported by clang ...Nathan Ridge1-22/+66
2017-02-10Bug 511108 - Only report support for type trait primitives in __has_feature i...Nathan Ridge2-15/+30
2017-02-10Bug 511429 - Handle TypeOfDependentExpression in PDOMCPPLinkage.unmarshalBind...Nathan Ridge1-1/+8
2017-02-10Bug 511048 - Offer completion proposals for nonstatic methods in a using-decl...Nathan Ridge2-3/+26
2017-02-09Bug 511108 - Do not attempt to resolve the name in an EvalID if the name owne...Nathan Ridge2-3/+43
2017-02-09Bug 510834 - Propagate substitute failure in EvalID.instantiate() with field ...Nathan Ridge2-0/+37
2017-02-07Bug 511871 - CContentAssistProcessor.createContext may leak index lockSergey Prigogin1-19/+25
2017-02-04Bug 510788 - Syntax coloring for template arguments in function template spec...Nathan Ridge2-1/+32
2017-02-04Bug 510706 - Handle UniqueType in SignatureBuilder.marshalType()Nathan Ridge2-1/+9
2017-02-02Bug 510665 - User-defined literal operator in namespaceNathan Ridge2-1/+15
2017-02-01Bug 497190 - Do not use ParameterGuessingProposal at all when parameter guess...Nathan Ridge4-11/+25
2017-01-31Improve the propagation of the point of instantiation in CompositeValueNathan Ridge2-10/+16
2017-01-31Bug 483824 - Inline namespace reopened without inline keywordNathan Ridge3-2/+24
2017-01-28Bug 510722 - Handle a null AST in ExpandSelectionJob and ControlFlowGraphViewNathan Ridge1-1/+4
2017-01-27Bug 510484 - Restore the recursion protection set in CPPVariable.getInitialVa...Nathan Ridge2-11/+41
2017-01-25Bug 509186 - Require an exact match for help proposals when providing context...Nathan Ridge3-9/+55
2017-01-25Bug 72391 - When completing a function, do not insert parentheses if they are...Nathan Ridge3-2/+28
2017-01-25Bug 391439 - Do not do replacement for help proposal with context information...Nathan Ridge8-224/+310
2017-01-25Bug 510987 - Properly support PIE executables as build outputDoug Schaefer1-2/+25
2017-01-24Bug 456293 - Completion of destructor nameNathan Ridge2-21/+48
2017-01-24Bug 509182 - Completion of class type in using-declarationNathan Ridge2-2/+15
2017-01-24Bug 509191 - Do not create parameter guessing proposal if we know we are not ...Nathan Ridge2-3/+3
2017-01-24Bug 510010 - Uniform initialization in template argumentNathan Ridge2-1/+46
2017-01-23Bug 509734 - Cross-project references to template instancesNathan Ridge8-39/+205
2017-01-23Bug 510885 Fix case where two env vars try to prependDoug Schaefer1-14/+24
2017-01-22Bug 509731 - Completion between empty parentheses in simple-type-constructor-...Nathan Ridge2-2/+27
2017-01-21Bug 495423 - Indexer produces a erroneous "Symbol could not be found"Joseph Henry2-1/+16
2017-01-18Bug 509833 - Follow-up to fix propagation of the point of instantiation in Cl...Nathan Ridge1-1/+1
2017-01-17Bug 509871 - ClassCastException in EvalConstructor.computeForFunctionCall()Nathan Ridge4-6/+26
2017-01-16Bug 509833 - Fix unsafe method call in ClassTypeHelper.findOverriders()Nathan Ridge4-9/+14
2017-01-14Bug 509733 - Open Declaration with source and target inside a macro invocationNathan Ridge2-5/+39
2017-01-14Bug 497500 - Display per-file indexing time for diagnostic purposesNathan Ridge1-0/+4
2017-01-10Bug 509662 - Friend function declared in header included at non-global scopeNathan Ridge2-2/+46
2017-01-06Bug 509619 - Highlighting of pointer passed by const referenceNathan Ridge2-2/+15
2017-01-05Bug 507138 - Avoid collisions between the keys of CProjectAnnotations used fo...Nathan Ridge2-10/+70
2017-01-05Bug 509497 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in EvalCompositeAccess.getType()Nathan Ridge1-2/+15
2017-01-05Bug 509496 - ClassCastException in CPPASTInitializerList.createEvaluation()Nathan Ridge1-2/+1
2017-01-03Bug 509320: Increase version dependency to current o.e.cdt.core.nativeJonah Graham1-1/+1
2017-01-01Bug 508254 - Gracefully handle ProblemBinding arising during instantiation of...Nathan Ridge2-1/+28

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