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2011-07-31Bug 236330 - win32-x86_64 supportMarc-Andre Laperle10-24/+161
2010-04-30Simplify BOOL check.John Cortell1-1/+1
2010-04-30Bug 311182: Enhance Spawner JNI code to use DebugBreakProcess when running ↵John Cortell1-4/+38
on >= XP
2010-04-26Bug 304096: Fix interrupting Cygwin gdb for both DSF-GDB and CDI-GDB. Send a ↵John Cortell2-7/+27
real CTRL-C; don't use 'kill -SIGINT'
2010-02-17Bug 248071 - Improved pty support for terminal emulationAnton Leherbauer2-4/+9
Thanks go to Mirko Raner, Pawel Piech, James Blackburn, et al.
2009-10-16[292127] Reading process output blocked when message length is exactly 1024, ↵Anton Leherbauer1-0/+9
patch by Thierry Goldwaser
2009-07-09Bugzilla 282943. Don't use PulseEvent; Microsoft says it's unreliable. ↵John Cortell1-2/+2
Someone looking at the code at Freescale saw its use in the code and raised a flag. This change is proactive; no problematic behavior was actually observed. See
2009-07-08Addressed Anton's suggestion to specify the signal sans "SIG" when invoking ↵John Cortell1-1/+1
the kill command, which is technically how it should be specified, though cygwin supports it either way.
2009-07-07Fixed:John Cortell2-29/+62
282735 - starter.exe can end up rapid-firing CTRL-C's to process that won't die 282736 - starter.exe should support SIGKILL
2009-03-19Bug 269223 - Spawner broken pipe problemAnton Leherbauer3-963/+975
2009-03-10Bug 265598 - EOF does not work in consoleAnton Leherbauer1-3/+2
2008-04-04Fix for 225272: Problems with spawner and fast (Dual Core) machinesAnton Leherbauer1-981/+961
Patch by Johann Draschwandtner (Wind River)
2007-09-05This isn't a binary.Doug Schaefer1-481/+481
2007-08-31Fix for 182099 - The wrong proc names were use for the Job object calls. To ↵Doug Schaefer1-24/+11
fix, I've gotten rid of the GetProcAddress calls and called these functions directly. Since these functions are only available on Windows 2000 and later, we have now officially dropped Windows NT4.0 and earlier.
2007-06-14Fix up copyrights.Doug Schaefer10-17/+17
2007-06-06Bug 150029 - Patch for Alex - Add quotes around the starter command line to ↵Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
deal with spaces in the path to the starter executable.
2007-05-24Added support for HKEY_CURRENT_USER to the registry access routines.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2007-05-24Added support for HKEY_CURRENT_USER to the registry access routines.Doug Schaefer1-26/+59
2007-05-16Patch for Ken Ryall - 186436 - add getLocalMachineKeyName() native method.Doug Schaefer1-0/+40
2007-05-15Bug 176353 - For cygwin apps started by the Spawner, use the cygwin kill ↵Doug Schaefer16-1185/+424
utility to send it signals. Also wrote the makefile to use g++ for the spawner. Finally replace all VS projects with makefiles for MinGW.
2007-05-04Move winreg into a sub directory. I'll eventually do this with all of our ↵Doug Schaefer2-0/+28
components and move them all to MinGW.
2007-04-25Bug 183382 - Added JNICALL to the winreg native code to fix a crash that was ↵Doug Schaefer3-29/+15
happening on Vista with IBM's VM. Also moved this build to use MinGW instead of MSVC.
2007-04-25Fix up the ASCII property for these files.Doug Schaefer14-2191/+2191
2006-06-23Update Copyright dates and fix those that had no copyrights.Doug Schaefer5-30/+50
2006-05-11Patch for Ling@nokia. New entry to windows registry utility.Doug Schaefer1-0/+40
2006-05-03Makes this compilable with MVC++6.0, related to bug 139891Markus Schorn2-9/+1
2006-05-02Removed killer.cpp.Doug Schaefer3-399/+2
2006-04-27Removes command line length limitation, bug 138444.Markus Schorn2-24/+113
2006-04-27Changes to source to fix 119618, binaries to be compiled.Markus Schorn1-0/+12
2006-04-03Make the Windows registry code a little more robust.Doug Schaefer1-27/+4
2006-04-03Windows registry access utility.Doug Schaefer2-0/+61
2005-06-23CPL to EPL transistion - license header update for QNXDavid Inglis16-114/+134
2004-11-18Updated the Windows spawner DLL to build using MinGW gcc.Doug Schaefer4-16/+50
2004-11-162004-11-16 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-0/+10
Update the library interface to changes in java from Spawner * library/Spawner.h * Win32ProcessEx.c * os/win32/x86/spawner.dll
2004-11-042004-11-04 Alex ChapiroAlain Magloire2-35/+109
Update files. * library/spawner.mak * library/starter/starter.mak
2004-10-062004-09-06 Alex ChapiroAlain Magloire1-0/+1
Fix for PR 75677 * os/win32/x86/spawner.dll * library/Win32ProcessEx.c
2004-08-132004-0813 Alex ChapiroAlain Magloire6-6/+569
Fix for PR PR 71601 * os/win32/x86/spawner.dll * os/win32/x86/starter.exe * library/Win32ProcessEx.c * library/starter/killer.cpp * library/starter/killer.h * library/starter/starter.cpp * library/starter/starter.dsp * library/starter/starter.dsw
2004-07-202004-07-20 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-6/+36
Fix for PR 70359 Binaries regenerated * library/Win32ProcessEx.c * library/starter/starter.cpp * os/win32/x86/spawner.dll * os/win32/x86/starter.dll
2004-04-29Commit support for i18n from Alex Chapiro.Alain Magloire6-201/+229
updates spawner and starter
2004-02-12Update the starter/spawner to use named pipes.Alain Magloire10-205/+479
Patch from alex.
2004-01-08Replace QNX copyright with standard CPL copyright.Sebastien Marineau9-65/+115
2003-08-29change the limit of arguments to match OS limitAlain Magloire3-7/+36
2003-04-30New code to implement attachingAlain Magloire6-0/+498
2003-04-24update new function to do interruption.Alain Magloire1-2/+10
2003-04-24Fix the signature.Alain Magloire1-14/+17
2003-04-24New file to compile with VC++Alain Magloire1-0/+181
2003-04-24New file added to do interrupt on a pid.Alain Magloire1-0/+181
2003-02-25Fix embedded quotation.Alain Magloire2-12/+38
2003-01-27Synchronization error fix.Alain Magloire1-4/+7
2003-01-23Correct escaped quotations.Alain Magloire2-26/+12

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