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2018-11-23Bug 540373: Cleanup: Remove trailing whitespace in properties filesJonah Graham1-1/+1
Command used: # Remove space at eol in comments find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/^(#.*)[ \t]+$/\1/' {} + # Remove space at eol in blank lines find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/^[ \t]+$//' {} + # Replace escaped spaces at eol with unicode find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/([^\\])\\ $/\1\\u0020/' {} + # Replace unescaped spaces at eol with unicode find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/([^\\]) $/\1\\u0020/' {} + # Replace escaped tabs at eol with unicode find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/([^\\])\\\t$/\1\\u0009/' {} + # Replace unescaped tabs at eol with unicode find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/([^\\])\t$/\1\\u0009/' {} + # Stage all changes git add -A . # trim any remaining whitespace and then identify and fixup # manually # Only dsf/org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.ui/src/org/eclipse/cdt/dsf/debug/ui/viewmodel/ # needed this due to missing newline at end of the file find . ! -path "./.git/*" -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i -E 's/[ \t]+$//' {} + Change-Id: I858f16891fe001f4f7e62d5a4f904146e891cd39
2018-11-22Bug 540371: Update to EPLv2 using releng/scripts/change_to_eplv2.shJonah Graham1-3/+6
Change-Id: Ifbb1d5af2a00bd5634dea200320e8c4303ffca6c
2017-03-17Bug 464916 - Add a -pthread checkbox in the GCC C/C++ Linker settingsSimon Marchi1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ib06482847e88a327b3e3dccf1522d5f8dab1a72b Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <> Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2014-07-15Bug 408545 - Added single checkbox to enable gcov. (edit commit msg)Leo Ufimtsev1-0/+2
I added a checkbox to enable gCov via a single checkbox to enable gcov in the compiler. It then uses the applicability calculator to automatically enable the linker if the compiler option is set. Signed-off-by: Leo Ufimtsev <> Change-Id: I561d7263d578a7807e890fce5518e6fc2ebb2bb2 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Elena Laskavaia <> Tested-by: Elena Laskavaia <>
2013-07-24bug 404913: Dialect category and options for language standards for GCC ↵Andrew Gvozdev1-0/+11
2011-12-23Bug 365461: Requesting -Wextra and -Wconversion warnings flags for gccSergey Prigogin1-0/+2
2010-11-04bug 256763: -fPIC parameter for GCC compilersAndrew Gvozdev1-0/+1
Based on patch from Andrey Tretyakov
2010-06-02Bug 315439 Fix up copyrightVivian Kong1-1/+1
2010-04-28Bug 115601 Add -include option to built-in MBS GNU toolchain. Add Paths & ↵James Blackburn1-1/+2
Symbols property page for editing paths of kind ICSettingEntry#INCLUDE_FILE (hidden by default)
2010-02-03Bug220990 Add -Os optimize for size to GNU C & CPP toolchainJames Blackburn1-0/+1
2010-02-01externalize strings in plugin.xml in various pluginsVivian Kong1-0/+2
2009-05-26bug 254307 - brandingVivian Kong1-2/+2
2008-04-16externalize Gnu Make Builder's name (bug 227369)Vivian Kong1-1/+3
2007-05-29Patch for bug 187634 by Jason Montojo - "Debug" and "Release" shared in the ↵Vivian Kong1-0/+3
menu and in the file system
2007-04-19Gnu tool-chain definition updateMikhail Sennikovsky1-0/+14
2007-02-22Migrated the MinGW integration into the managedbuilder.gnu plugin. Also ↵Doug Schaefer1-4/+5
fixed up some of the strings in the UI.
2007-02-20New Project Model initial check-inMikhail Sennikovsky1-1/+6
2007-02-01Bug 101961 - Changed the names of the project types so that we are ↵Doug Schaefer1-12/+12
exlipcitly cygwin with the Gnu on Windows types. Also simplified the project type names on the others to match.
2006-01-16Fix bugzilla 83583 - Add Solaris project-types with a space after the ↵Leo Treggiari1-4/+4
2005-07-09Ise -dynamiclib for creating shared libraries on MacOS XLeo Treggiari1-1/+1
2005-06-20crecoskie June 20, 2005 - updating copyright and license info for EPL transitionChris Recoskie1-5/+5
2005-05-16Plugin that contains UI elements that are specific to the GNU tool-chain.Leo Treggiari1-0/+152

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