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2017-09-07Bug 519886 - eclipse CDT failed to create PTY on macOS 10.13 betacdt_9_2Martin Oberhuber5-57/+52
Fixed by getting rid of legacy code for opening a master pty, and copying the related code from org.eclipse.cdt.core.linux instead. Only getpt() had to be replaced by posix_openpt(). Compiled on OSX 10.12 - tested on MacOSX 10.8 and 10.13 beta 7 (64-bit each). Change-Id: Idade001aed41abafc0d500695a4b51179bb9b738 Signed-off-by: Martin Oberhuber <> (cherry picked from commit a0ab38124c6e78eeacedf92feb685f7e4d3002d0)
2017-09-07Bug 521788 - spawner doesnt kill child process on MacOS XMartin Oberhuber3-64/+97
Fixed by copying code from org.eclipse.cdt.core.linux that contains the fix from bug 119387 : set the process group by calling setpgid() when forking a process, and use killpg() for killing the entire process group on termination. This also aligns MacOS code fully with Linux code. Tested on MacOSX 10.8 and 10.13 beta. Binaries will be submitted with the related fix for bug 519886. Change-Id: I87df87caa88cff60b4d9eee2252252234d1a4f84 Signed-off-by: Martin Oberhuber <> (cherry picked from commit 1019030e744284cc6d6d31d148eb828a025755be)
2017-09-07Point at released bits.Doug Schaefer1-3/+3
Change-Id: Ia9080f6908bf25685052c424fc31d3963e89b1cb
2017-05-02Fixed copyrightAlena Laskavaia2-26/+21
Change-Id: I801f28d73afeba8432283eb9b5e8de3fa9b47a32 Signed-off-by: Alena Laskavaia <> (cherry picked from commit 32c2e14b80ec5c2c732c53b757fa629c906650f1)
2017-04-04Upversion the native feature and move the dup serial plugin out.Doug Schaefer3-8/+2
The serial plugin shows up in both the platform and native features. It should only be in the native feature since the platform feature includes it already. Change-Id: I8150e72dcd76759f2b90e3b14421d5d670f7f513
2017-04-04Upversion for CDT 9.2.2.Doug Schaefer4-3/+4
Change-Id: I5436f6e42400edc186f807e941ce77a6e905a2a5
2017-04-03Bug 509118. Extend regexp to detect devices in /dev for Linux.Zoltan Adasz1-1/+1
Change-Id: I1dfcca8f34019a210702473afb946b2a76cb37d7 Signed-off-by: Zoltan Adasz <>
2017-03-06Update target dependencies for Neon.3 RC4CDT_9_2_1Marc Khouzam1-2/+2
Change-Id: I580cdd9b5d9566c5fe661722063af3540b6eca4f
2017-02-27Update target dependencies for Neon.3Marc Khouzam1-5/+10
Change-Id: I09358089f746a9b58561e15432d50d6683069cec
2017-02-21cmake: Fix missing NLS messagesMarc-Andre Laperle2-2/+2
For example, opening the CMake property page, there was a missing message for the cmake-ui button. Change-Id: I126fe1cb6e290edc289a2dade44500dd35ed1207 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <> (cherry picked from commit 6cad124cf0c38f1eca85ae9e08929d1eefcb63ad)
2017-02-21Bug 509320: Revert update to re-exported versionJonah Graham1-1/+1
This is a partial revert of e49517eb7c9ceb0a35581c96685a27eabf2ccdd8. This revert prevents an otherwise unnecessary API version increment. As e49517e added the correct version dependency from org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb to org.eclipse.cdt.core.native, which was the true dependency, we don't have to increase the dependency on the re-exported version within org.eclipse.cdt.core. Because org.eclipse.cdt.core.native is a singleton and only the 5.10 version of org.eclipse.cdt.core.native will satisfy the dependency where it is needed in dsf-gdb, this solution guarantees correct wiring up. Change-Id: I23b32480550fee33a4e156a91df12ac7720d8dc3 Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2017-02-21Bug 512096 - Fix NPE selecting an LLVM toolchain in toolchain editorMarc-Andre Laperle2-2/+7
When a toolchain is selected along with its builder, the builder gets matched to a “real builder” (ManagedBuildManager.getRealBuilder). If the builder is abstract, the builder is not in the possible list of matches, as implemented in Builder.getMatchKey. This causes getCurrentBuilderCompatibilityInfo to return null which is not handled. This patch changes the base LLVM builder to a non-abstract one, which solves this specific NPE. Also, in order to be more helpful to the user in case it happens to another toolchain, a null check was added with an error message that the builder is incompatible. Then at least, it is more clear that something is wrong and the user can pick a different builder. Change-Id: I4d26c568dfe6307b496719c10908a36933fd3ab8 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <> (cherry picked from commit 00b30bb03a9af2543754bf5537bd0e890cb7d9ae)
2017-02-20Update baseline for API tool for 9.2.1Marc Khouzam1-2/+2
Change-Id: I968604b0077d436d729420f15317385d59ee3c3f
2017-02-20Make new constructor private to avoid adding APIMarc Khouzam1-4/+1
APIs cannot be added in a maintenance build. Change-Id: I1604112981f4c22ddd2781a9b28d28e3bb9aff52
2017-02-20Update version to 9.2.1Marc Khouzam220-262/+262
Change-Id: I4cd4de09491c1d52d4bdb3c02cf0508aed22b59b
2017-02-20Bug 508319 - "Dummy Page" overrides "C/C++ Build"Jeff Johnston1-14/+0
- remove Dummy Page from org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application plugin.xml Change-Id: Ia12d64fdba1eaeefbee3fec24d837c184884ec40
2017-02-17Bug 512262 - Remove the unnecessary ICPPEvaluationOwner interfaceNathan Ridge46-112/+104
This also fixes some ClassCastExceptions caused by types which implemented ICPPASTInitializerClause but not ICPPEvaluationOwner. Change-Id: Ie624865ebe476fe760dc28e02b6aef8a43b4c621
2017-02-15Fix cmake feature to use license feature for proper license.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+3
Change-Id: Iec4d07db7f73f38fe72fe698fede2b380052879d Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2017-02-14Bug 511057 - Number format breaks if debug starts with view pinnedMarc Khouzam1-2/+10
Change-Id: I340cf916e46d92f44ae7f3c51e1e53f619bb7795 (cherry picked from commit 0f2acb0221efbe6ab71321c7fe1d9faa5d0a3a31)
2017-02-13Bug 510773 - [traditional rendering] overlay mangles one in next cellMarc Dumais1-1/+1
This patch fixes a variable overlay issue, that causes two overlays to become mistakenly mangled together. Change-Id: I3c95c400bb490c8e7efdd96d107e3af3f4fc7906
2017-02-12Bug 511726 - Handle unresolved field owner type in ↵Nathan Ridge2-0/+9
CPPASTFieldReference.getFieldPosition() Change-Id: I0ded6f44f8aad69d54c361432afcb423ed6601b2
2017-02-12Bug 511658 - Destructor call via alias template nameNathan Ridge2-3/+37
Change-Id: I64a7ec62a05345983e9e298a6ba735f63385486b
2017-02-12Bug 511122 - Instantiation of dependent destructor nameNathan Ridge3-6/+73
Change-Id: I090439b6c525cae3bf054f65f67190811232d64c
2017-02-11Bug 511427 - ClassCastException in CompositeCPPClassType.wrapBindings()Nathan Ridge2-2/+20
Change-Id: Id02d59a67b98131aaa4afc8936f89d0985ef93cf
2017-02-11Bug 511274 - Compute correct replacement length for ParameterGuessingProposalNathan Ridge2-1/+14
Change-Id: Ia2d6f10086f8d2a9ec922a3ff37eadc8ab94c9ed
2017-02-10Bug 511108 - Update the set of supported feature reported in __has_featureNathan Ridge1-5/+5
Since the last update, C++14 relaxed constexpr and a few new type traits have been implemented. Change-Id: I6fb780973c113820bfecf6a2bc7f1b7f5b1494e9
2017-02-10Bug 511186 - Noexcept specifier in type template argumentNathan Ridge2-1/+8
Change-Id: If0c3299c563829a9b3549f78b346a19e68042456
2017-02-10Bug 511108 - When parsing as clang, enable the extensions supported by clang ↵Nathan Ridge1-22/+66
in the scanner extension configuration Change-Id: I43fe278e08b3274c465374503f994e6dc46668e6
2017-02-10Bug 511108 - Only report support for type trait primitives in __has_feature ↵Nathan Ridge2-15/+30
if such support is actually enabled by the active scanner extension configuration Change-Id: I0631f555935fdbdd1f2a98fe737a129ef5b90eda
2017-02-10Bug 511429 - Handle TypeOfDependentExpression in ↵Nathan Ridge1-1/+8
PDOMCPPLinkage.unmarshalBinding() Change-Id: I2eca438be88bb0d78dae5f511fa1fde46965fa65
2017-02-10Bug 511048 - Offer completion proposals for nonstatic methods in a ↵Nathan Ridge2-3/+26
using-declaration Change-Id: Ifb3aee10c354aebe606c439cdda1453b1cc29095
2017-02-09Bug 511108 - Do not attempt to resolve the name in an EvalID if the name ↵Nathan Ridge2-3/+43
owner is still dependent Change-Id: I63dcfa4413569554f30be0c6a94c2b1691515aa4
2017-02-09Bug 510834 - Propagate substitute failure in EvalID.instantiate() with field ↵Nathan Ridge2-0/+37
owner Change-Id: I27088b7da18f7fe52d77bd669e32b225a1e99d21
2017-02-07Bug 511871 - CContentAssistProcessor.createContext may leak index lockSergey Prigogin1-19/+25
Change-Id: I828c94484c7b1594ba72551b80cd5ed6e6a8576c
2017-02-07Bug 510924 - Alt+Enter on breakpoint shows incomplete properties dialogMarc Dumais3-3/+18
When using the "Alt-Enter" shortcut with a breakpoint selected, the properties dialog that is created is missing some fields. This seems to be caused by the fact that the dialog, when summoned in this way, is created using a wrong context: an ICLineBreakpoint instead of the expected CBreakpointContext. That context is then used to fetch properties from the store, which fails. This is a naive fix that attempts to work around this by creating a proper context from the breakpoint. Change-Id: I2b7c86965d09898dd1cd7eeb3c3f704bb2995e20 (cherry picked from commit 86189eeb868914ed137fd16c59aff7d521c3e6c5)
2017-02-07Bug 510615 - Launch dialog, handle spaces in gdb pathMarc Dumais4-5/+40
The path to GDB is set in the launch dialog, under the Debugger tab. If the path to GDB contains one or more spaces, and is not within double quotes, GDB will not be found and the launch will fail. This patch improves the use cases around the "Browse" button, to select GDB's path. 1) if the user clicks on the "Browse" button, the browse dialog will open in the correct place, no matter the presence of space(s). 2) When GDB's path is selected with the "Browse" button, it's then set in the "GDB debugger" field. This patch looks at the selected path and adds surrounding double quotes if there is any space within, and strips any double quotes if there are no spaces. Change-Id: I202f574772965af3a491d449b9e9a97e8c61e2b0 (cherry picked from commit 7f6e7f8c9b5785a2e219d1fb030a3a197bedb665)
2017-02-04Bug 510788 - Syntax coloring for template arguments in function template ↵Nathan Ridge2-1/+32
specialization Previously, the arguments shared the color of the template-name. Now, the arguments get their own colors. Change-Id: I27af4146717a19095f1ac22188eedb8a71d9466c
2017-02-04Bug 510706 - Handle UniqueType in SignatureBuilder.marshalType()Nathan Ridge2-1/+9
Change-Id: I3686e3c32cacbcbad299de333eee32241a4697a5
2017-02-02Bug 510665 - User-defined literal operator in namespaceNathan Ridge2-1/+15
Change-Id: Idb93eac23caa16870040cd4092f24a4a02563251
2017-02-01Bug 497190 - Do not use ParameterGuessingProposal at all when parameter ↵Nathan Ridge4-11/+25
guessing is disabled Change-Id: I9feda3d365eeb935296adbc7144b0f504017f87a
2017-01-31Improve the propagation of the point of instantiation in CompositeValueNathan Ridge2-10/+16
Change-Id: Ie874513e0dd9f22b20d40756b895303bd89a8ad1
2017-01-31Bug 483824 - Inline namespace reopened without inline keywordNathan Ridge3-2/+24
Change-Id: I48a066e6572e92b4fee90a8faa532469ea3c12e2
2017-01-28Bug 510722 - Handle a null AST in ExpandSelectionJob and ControlFlowGraphViewNathan Ridge2-1/+7
Change-Id: Iafd1b9a32833fb67554902d13955023c149a132e (cherry picked from commit d45ff124e3912dd2734856c91f5c88c3eb6b9f9f)
2017-01-27Bug 510484 - Restore the recursion protection set in ↵Nathan Ridge2-11/+41
CPPVariable.getInitialValue() The set was moved to EvalUtil.getVariableValue() in bug 508254, but this left some paths unprotected. This restores the set to CPPVariable.getInitialValue() (while keeping the EvalUtil one too). Change-Id: I4a579720f4bc23d41e50c484649a73c29698373d
2017-01-27Turn off QML content assist for now.Doug Schaefer1-8/+3
It's throwing an exception in acorn.js. We need to revisit this anyway in light of the LSP. Change-Id: Ia6fd9d7bdd5d5133711947d37c412996ba23f19a
2017-01-26Add missing strings for Run launch delegate.Marc Khouzam1-0/+2
Commit 6fc6c3c67169d6f5bb6ab1a8336cb06a9320cad0 mistakenly removed the two strings that were being used for the Run launch delegate. We haven't noticed because we only have one Run launch delegate and therefore its name does not end up being shown in most cases. However, by going to Preferences->Run/Debug->Perspectives and then expanding the C/C++ Application launch configuration type, the Run delegate is shown with a missing string. Change-Id: I2435097b0a13efd21ef3da01e2d4969d231a6f97
2017-01-25Bug 509186 - Require an exact match for help proposals when providing ↵Nathan Ridge3-9/+55
context information Change-Id: I06ccd65a0304921ebf2adbd556a89c8685237a8a
2017-01-25Bug 72391 - When completing a function, do not insert parentheses if they ↵Nathan Ridge3-2/+28
are already present Change-Id: Ia4beb5e7ee288c48f2dbde45b1f34a562b939cab
2017-01-25Bug 391439 - Do not do replacement for help proposal with context ↵Nathan Ridge8-224/+310
information style Change-Id: I4d8988e9601e1f1b9722830b61cbf2d4c564a4cd
2017-01-25Bug 507950 - Answer query on MI channel to avoid GDB waiting foreverMarc Khouzam1-0/+14
With GDB 7.12, it is possible to receive queries on the dedicated MI channel. This channel is not accessible or shown to the user so if we don't answer, GDB will wait forever. This patch blindly answers 'y' to any query on the MI channel unless it has already been answered automatically (which happens when we don't use the full console). Change-Id: I0e208fc3495ce6ba57b3e477661f47e50680fd88 (cherry picked from commit add2a1462852ff27b7c28f1349478281aacf10a0)

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