AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
4 daysAdd some missing feature pom.xml files for Sonar job to workHEADmasterJeff Johnston2-0/+36
4 daysBug 522509 - Handle typedefs in __is_class builtinNathan Ridge2-4/+10
5 daysReinstate commit 709689b36e1a1ec573d81a02a7e882faabca58e5Jeff Johnston8-0/+144
5 daysBug 521016 - resolution error for nested alias template specializationMichael Woski3-3/+28
5 daysBug 522066 - Use the declarator as the key for the recursion protection set i...Nathan Ridge2-7/+19
6 daysBug 522411 - ConcurrentModificationException belowAndrey Loskutov1-15/+17
8 daysBug 456224 - CPPDeferredClassInstance not bound to partial templateMichael Woski5-67/+210
11 daysBug 522176 - NullPointerException in DeltaAnalyzer.processResourceDeltaAndrey Loskutov1-0/+3
11 daysBug 521817 - Implement PDOMCPPAliasTemplate.update()Nathan Ridge1-0/+16
12 daysBug 521848 - NPE in CPPFunctionTemplateSpecialization.equals()Nathan Ridge1-1/+1
12 daysbug 521820 - don't filter alias template for CPPASTNamedTypeSpecifierMichael Woski2-0/+23
13 daysDisable Mac signing of the standalone debugger app.Doug Schaefer1-0/+2
13 daysBug 522077 - New Autotools project doesn't open source file by defaultJeff Johnston3-0/+27
13 daysUpdate feature versions to CDT 9.4.Doug Schaefer46-320/+143
2017-09-07Core Build - add support for Generic targetDoug Schaefer29-385/+996
2017-09-07Bug 521543 - Correctly identify narrowing conversion to booleanNathan Ridge2-0/+17
2017-09-07Bug 521274 - Defer execution of constexpr function body until function is ful...Nathan Ridge3-3/+59
2017-09-07Bug 521265 - Check that the platform is running before querying bundle group ...Nathan Ridge1-7/+9
2017-09-04Bug 519886 - eclipse CDT failed to create PTY on macOS 10.13 betaMartin Oberhuber5-57/+52
2017-09-04Bug 521788 - spawner doesnt kill child process on MacOS XMartin Oberhuber3-64/+97
2017-09-02Bug 520913 - Improvements to HeuristicResolverNathan Ridge2-1/+40
2017-09-02Bug 520913 - hover / open declaration for decltype and typeof keywordsMichael Woski6-90/+174
2017-09-01A basic LSP4E integration with ClangdMarc-Andre Laperle37-0/+1925
2017-08-24Bug 520999 - Map PDOM class types to AST before looking up constructorsNathan Ridge2-0/+21
2017-08-22Bug 520965 - NPE in AbstractCPPClassSpecializationScope.getBindings()Nathan Ridge1-0/+3
2017-08-18Cosmetics.Jonah Graham2-1494/+1494
2017-08-15Update target platform to Release repo for OrbitJonah Graham2-4/+4
2017-08-15Bug 520952: Use filename when handling function breakpoints in consoleJonah Graham2-24/+323
2017-08-11Bug 456579 - Improve CSourceHover and OpenDeclaration for TemplateIdsMichael Woski1-1/+9
2017-08-11Bug 520893 Pack expansion in IASTTypeId is lostThomas Corbat2-0/+28
2017-08-10bug 520805 - [codeassist] HeuristicResolver can't resolve enum scopeMichael Woski2-0/+18
2017-08-10Bug 520783 - wrong AccessContext for heuristically resolvedMichi3-47/+33
2017-08-10bug 520470 - [codeassist] HeuristicResolver & qualifiedType resolutionMichi2-15/+72
2017-08-10Bug 520846 - Use ArrayContentProvider.getInstance() where possibleAndreas Sewe7-8/+8
2017-08-10Bug 519529 - fix handling of quotes in the GCCToolChain scanner info.Doug Schaefer2-10/+10
2017-08-08Bug 520049 - Perform array-to-pointer conversion on operands of C conditional...Nathan Ridge5-13/+54
2017-08-02Bug 520360 - First created target does not appear in BuildTargetDialogPhilippe NOEL1-13/+15
2017-07-28Bug 520245: Avoid writing launch files with no changesJonah Graham2-11/+34
2017-07-28Bug 520257: Avoid touching file with unchanged contentJonah Graham1-2/+29
2017-07-27Bug 520163: Use camel case for new command line argumentJonah Graham2-4/+4
2017-07-27Bug 520163: Provide a way to exclude Scanner Errors from headless buildJonah Graham3-37/+123
2017-07-27Bug 519819 - Correctly classify unknown member binding as an unknown member c...Nathan Ridge2-1/+21
2017-07-27Bug 519790 - ClassCastException in CPPVisitor.createAutoParameterType()Nathan Ridge1-2/+9
2017-07-26Bug 517402 - Ambiguous namespace, conflicting with a different kind of symbolMarc-Andre Laperle3-0/+49
2017-07-21Fix Debug in ContainerJeff Johnston1-4/+32
2017-07-17Bug 519196 - NullPointerException in IndexUI.getCElementForNameNathan Ridge1-0/+3
2017-07-11Bug 515500: Preserve known line numbers when updating uiJonah Graham3-14/+50
2017-07-06Bug 514708 - Performance improvement indexer by caching Strings.Patrick Koenemann3-5/+80
2017-07-06Make sure stack traces are logged for CoreExceptionsNathan Ridge1-1/+9
2017-07-05Bug 519190 - Get CMake working with MSVC toolchaindschaefer4-1/+378