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authorMarco Stornelli2019-07-27 06:41:41 -0400
committerMarco Stornelli2019-09-22 07:14:09 -0400
commit39be625d8e599210130fe8098a018fc62e52ef70 (patch)
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parent494d6d38c194cf40836de222058a72f4e7cd423b (diff)
Bug 549466 - Quick fix with the same resolutionHEADmaster
We have the "universal resolution" in an ArrayList and they are used as single instances. So what can happen here is that we add the same universal resolution instance multiple times for several markers. However this approach can't work because a "marker resolution" is designed to fix a single problem. Indeed the last marker analyzed override the previous one in the single "universal resolution" instance, so what we have is N proposals pointing to the same resolution where the problem description is just the latest one. To solve the problem we instantiate the universal resolution multiple times. Change-Id: I072ca0b4dabff9781d6230a218eeb7dd388c648d Signed-off-by: Marco Stornelli <>
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