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authorJonah Graham2017-04-14 20:58:19 -0400
committerGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org2017-04-15 03:43:07 -0400
commit54f2d8770f85443db323ede0f8f9720393c6bb6d (patch)
treefeee390c2f33eea6cba9618de9db6d2ef695731f /dsf-gdb
parent501fa87934cace3051cc3d70a0802bf4be8dcf3a (diff)
Bug 515307: Run test order of magnitude faster
The test was much too conservative on how long it waited for an event to arrive. On my machine the time was 10 ms, so I set a baseline time to wait of 100 ms allowing time for additional event to arrive. Change-Id: Ic435d360e8781936682c19b838aeec13fa3d60bd
Diffstat (limited to 'dsf-gdb')
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/dsf-gdb/org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb/src/org/eclipse/cdt/tests/dsf/gdb/tests/ b/dsf-gdb/org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb/src/org/eclipse/cdt/tests/dsf/gdb/tests/
index 79eaf963bd..ff033bc75f 100644
--- a/dsf-gdb/org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb/src/org/eclipse/cdt/tests/dsf/gdb/tests/
+++ b/dsf-gdb/org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb/src/org/eclipse/cdt/tests/dsf/gdb/tests/
@@ -442,8 +442,13 @@ public class MIRegistersTest extends BaseParametrizedTestCase {
new ServiceEventWaitor<IRegistersChangedDMEvent>(fSession, IRegistersChangedDMEvent.class);
writeRegister(registerDmc, regValue, formatId);
- return eventWaitor.waitForEvents(TestsPlugin.massageTimeout(3000));
+ /*
+ * Wait long enough to find out if too few or too many events arrive. On
+ * my testing the expected events arrived within 10 ms, so this timeout
+ * allows 10x that amount of time for unexpected extra events to arrive.
+ */
+ return eventWaitor.waitForEvents(TestsPlugin.massageTimeout(100));

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