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<h1>Scanner Discovery</h1>
<strong>Scanner Discovery</strong> (sometimes called <strong>Autodiscovery</strong>) is a method of finding include paths and predefined preprocessor macros which the compiler uses during compilation of the code.
@@ -70,14 +72,33 @@ Each Language Settings Provider can be expanded to show the entries it discovere
If information retrieved by auto-discovery is insufficient or the project deviates from a standard one supported by CDT a user can enter additional include paths and macros manually under "User Settings Entries".
+<h2>Project Explorer View</h2>
The <strong>Project Explorer View</strong> provides a means to view some of the settings. The discovered include paths are shown under the project when "Includes" node is expanded.<br>
Also, a <strong>"Wrench" overlay</strong> icon is shown for those file/folders where distinct entries are discovered which differ from those of parent folder. Wrench is not shown on project level.<br>
In the example below, <span class="typewriter">Hello.cpp</span> was compiled with added <span class="typewriter">-DHELLO</span> compiler option.
After BOP discovery "Wrench" overlay is shown for this file.
<img src="../images/scanner_discovery/sd_project_explorer.png" alt="Project Explorer view">
+<h2>Console View</h2>
+The output of built-in compiler specs detectors can be inspected to troubleshoot problems running the command.
+To do so, enable checkbox "Allocate console in the Console View".
+<img src="../images/scanner_discovery/sd_specs_detector_options.png" alt="Spec Detectors Properties"></img>
+When checkbox "Allocate console in the Console View" is enabled, output of each run of the provider will be directed to a special console in the Console View.
+<img src="../images/scanner_discovery/sd_console_view.png" alt="Console View"></img>
<p><img src="../images/ngconcepts.gif" alt="Related concepts" width="143" height="21"><br>
<a href="../concepts/cdt_c_indexer.htm">C/C++ Indexer</a><br>
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@@ -201,6 +201,7 @@ Language settings providers can have options that affect the behavior of a provi
<td headers="field"><strong>Allocate console in the Console View</strong></td>
<td headers="description2">Enable to troubleshoot problems running the command.
When enabled, output of each run of the provider will be directed to a special console in the Console View.
+ See also <a href="../concepts/cdt_c_scanner_discovery.htm">Scanner Discovery</a> - Console View.

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