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<p>Build-related information is displayed as follows:</p>
<li>The Console view displays the output of the build tools.</li>
- <li>The Tasks view displays a list of compiler errors and warnings
+ <li>The Problems view displays a list of compiler errors and warnings
related to your projects.</li>
<li>For Standard Make projects, the Makefile targets are displayed in
the Make Targets view.</li>
-<p>For more information about the Tasks view, see <strong>Workbench User
+<p>For more information about the Problems view, see <strong>Workbench User
Guide &gt; Reference &gt; User interface information &gt; Views and
-editors &gt; Tasks view</strong>.</p>
+editors &gt; Problems view</strong>.</p>
<h2>Getting a makefile</h2>
<p>You can either create a C/C++ project for which you supply the <strong>makefile</strong>
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ Properties</strong></li>
<p>Build-related information is displayed as follows: </p>
<li>The <strong>Console</strong> view displays the output of the make utility.</li>
- <li>The <strong>Tasks</strong> view displays a list of compiler errors and
+ <li>The <strong>Problems</strong> view displays a list of compiler errors and
warnings related to your projects. </li>
<li>For a Standard Make project, build actions display in the <strong>Make
Targets</strong> view.</li>
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ function newWin(url) {
<p>The make output and build progress information displays in the
Console view. The Make Targets view displays makefile actions, and the
-Tasks view displays compile warnings or errors.</p>
+Problems view displays compile warnings or errors.</p>
<p>To build a project:</p>
<li>In the <strong>Project Explorer</strong> view, select your project. For the tutorial, you can select the <strong>HelloWorld</strong> project you created earlier. <p><br></p></li>

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