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[280631] Thread list in Debug view not updated with non-Linux target
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<description>Control the behavior of the C/C++ debugger when debugging with GDB, specifically when using a GDB (DSF) launcher.</description>
<topic href="reference/cdt_u_dsfgdb.htm" label="GDB Preferences"/>
+<context id="update_threadlist_button_context" title="About this checkbox">
+ <description>This checkbox controls whether the CDT debugger will ask gdb for the target program&apos;s thread list on each suspend event (breakpoint-hit, step, etc). Normally, this isn&apos;t necessary, as GDB sends notifications in realtime when a thread is created or destroyed. However, some lightweight GDB remote stubs won&apos;t send these notifications. As such, the CDT debugger doesn&apos;t find out about new or destroyed threads unless it polls gdb. Turn on this option if you are debugging such a target (typically an embedded one).</description>

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