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Bug 319627 [Accessibility] CDT documentation has accessibility issues
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diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_basic.htm b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_basic.htm
index a9d96fba0d..b265baefe0 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_basic.htm
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_basic.htm
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Now with CDT, you just select a project type, and that determines what build sys
<p>The <strong>C++ Project</strong> wizard opens.<br>
- <p><img src="../images/cdt_w_basic04.png" width="525" height="576"><br>
+ <p><img src="../images/cdt_w_basic04.png" alt="C++ project wizard" width="525" height="576"><br>
<br>By default, the CDT filters the <strong>Toolchain</strong> and <strong>Project types</strong> that it displays in those lists based on the language support for the C++ Project wizard you selected for this tutorial.</p>
@@ -77,12 +77,12 @@ Now with CDT, you just select a project type, and that determines what build sys
<ol start="4">
<li>Specify the <strong>Basic Properties</strong> for the new project, such as your author, copyright, and source information, then click <strong>Next</strong>.<br>
- <img src="../images/cdt_w_basic06a.png" width="525" height="576"><br>
+ <img src="../images/cdt_w_basic06a.png" alt="Basic properties of a project" width="525" height="576"><br>
<p>The <strong>Select Configurations</strong> page displays a list of configurations based on the project type and toolchain(s) selected earlier. <br>
- <img src="../images/cdt_w_basic07.png" width="525" height="576"><br>
+ <img src="../images/cdt_w_basic07.png" alt="Select configurations page" width="525" height="576"><br>
<strong>OPTIONAL</strong>: If you want to change the default project settings, click <strong>Advanced Setting</strong> to open the <a href="../reference/cdt_u_prop_all.htm">Project Properties</a> dialog for your new project allowing you change any of the project specific settings,
such as includes paths, compiler options, and libraries.<br>
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ Now with CDT, you just select a project type, and that determines what build sys
<p>A project is created with the default settings and a full set of configurations based on the project type and toolchain you selected.
You should now see the new project in <a href="../reference/cdt_u_project_explorer_view.htm">Project Explorer</a> view.</p>
- <p><img src="../images/cdt_w_basic12.png" width="423" height="283"></p>
+ <p><img src="../images/cdt_w_basic12.png" alt="New project displayed in the Project Explorer view" width="423" height="283"></p>
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ Now with CDT, you just select a project type, and that determines what build sys
<p>This file opens in a default editor. It contains C++ template code for the Hello World example project you selected earlier. In addition, the <a href="../reference/cdt_u_outline_view.htm">Outline</a> view has also been populated
with objects created from your code.<br>
- <img src="../images/cdt_w_basic13.png" width="731" height="333"><br>
+ <img src="../images/cdt_w_basic13.png" alt="C Editor with Outline view" width="731" height="333"><br>
<strong>NOTE:</strong> You can specify a different editor, and add or modify existing code templates in <strong>Window &gt; Preferences</strong>.<br>
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_build.htm b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_build.htm
index 4398ba5bf2..99d1314b5f 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_build.htm
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_build.htm
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Click on its tab to bring the view forward if it is not currently visible.
If for some reason it's not present, you can open it by selecting <strong>Window > Show View > Console</strong>.
-<img src="../images/cdt_w_newmake03.png" width="842" height="633"><br>
+<img src="../images/cdt_w_newmake03.png" alt="Console view in C/C++ Perspective" width="842" height="633"><br>
<p><img border="0" src="../images/ngconcepts.gif" alt="Related concepts"
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_debug.htm b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_debug.htm
index 9c6a8659fe..2f0137ca15 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_debug.htm
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/getting_started/cdt_w_debug.htm
@@ -21,12 +21,12 @@ examining the contents of variables.</p>
<p>The <strong>Debug</strong> <strong>Configurations</strong> dialog opens.<br>
- <img src="../images/cdt_w_debug_configurations_01.png" width="873" height="662"><br>
+ <img src="../images/cdt_w_debug_configurations_01.png" alt="Debug Configurations dialog" width="873" height="662"><br>
<li>Double-click <strong>C/C++ Application</strong> to create a new launch configuration.<br>
- <img src="../images/cdt_w_debug_configurations_02.png" width="763" height="601"><br>
+ <img src="../images/cdt_w_debug_configurations_02.png" alt="C/C++ Application debug configuration" width="763" height="601"><br>
<p>If a project is selected in the <a href="../reference/cdt_u_project_explorer_view.htm">Project Explorer</a> view the following data is automatically entered, take a moment to verify its accuracy or change as needed. <br>
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/reference/cdt_u_pref_build_error_parsers.htm b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/reference/cdt_u_pref_build_error_parsers.htm
index 3c952d48ca..d7c211eca0 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/reference/cdt_u_pref_build_error_parsers.htm
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/reference/cdt_u_pref_build_error_parsers.htm
@@ -74,13 +74,14 @@
<tr valign="top">
<td>Defines severity of problem marker to be generated. The choice is one of following:
- <ul>
- <br> <img src="../images/icon_error.gif" alt="Error"> <strong>Error</strong>
+ <blockquote>
+ <img src="../images/icon_error.gif" alt="Error"> <strong>Error</strong>
<br> <img src="../images/icon_warning.gif" alt="Warning"> <strong>Warning</strong>
- <br><img src="../images/icon_info.gif" alt="Info"><strong>Info</strong>
+ <br> <img src="../images/icon_info.gif" alt="Info"><strong>Info</strong>
<br> <img src="../images/icon_remove.png" alt="Ignore"> <strong>Ignore</strong> - use this option
to suppress generating a marker.
- </ul></td>
+ </blockquote>
+ </td>
<tr valign="top">
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/tasks/cdt_t_proj_error_parser.htm b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/tasks/cdt_t_proj_error_parser.htm
index 12439d14de..d5bbc3c3af 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/tasks/cdt_t_proj_error_parser.htm
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/tasks/cdt_t_proj_error_parser.htm
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ to redefine that set on a per-project basis in project properties:
<li>Click <strong>OK</strong>.</li>
-<p>Note that the order of error parsers is significant. Normally an error parser will <i>consume</i>
+<p>Note that the order of error parsers is significant. Normally an error parser will <em>consume</em>
the line where it spotted an error/warning and the others down the line won't get a chance to parse it.

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