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authorTanya-Marise De Sousa2003-09-26 18:02:32 -0400
committerTanya-Marise De Sousa2003-09-26 18:02:32 -0400
commit563417b2eb82650ce30792a5b2f5d415a551be50 (patch)
treee3e3c8842a82a41961ec3f2b3576f73a0572c574 /doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/contexts_CDT.xml
parent7348d15aa0e23d4a6828554b26f76d29bc4b33ae (diff)
September 26, 2003 delivery
Diffstat (limited to 'doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/contexts_CDT.xml')
1 files changed, 66 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/contexts_CDT.xml b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/contexts_CDT.xml
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..12002dbd60
--- /dev/null
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/contexts_CDT.xml
@@ -0,0 +1,66 @@
+<?NLS TYPE=""?>
+<context id ="default_cs_help">
+ <description>Click below to see help.</description>
+ <topic href="default_cs_help.htm"
+ label="Default Context Sensitive Help"/>
+<context id ="cdt_error_parsers_page">
+ <description>Control the build messages displayed in the Tasks view. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_newproj_parser_error.htm"
+ label="Error Parsers, C/C++ Properties window"/>
+<context id ="cdt_binary_parser_page">
+ <description>Select a binary parser for the target platform. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_newproj_parser_binary.htm"
+ label="Binary Parser page, C/C++ Properties window"/>
+<context id ="man_proj_platform_help">
+ <description>Select a target deployment platform. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_newproj_platf.htm"
+ label="Target platform, C/C++ Properties window"/>
+<context id ="new_c_editor_pref_page_context">
+ <description>Customize the appearance of the C/C++ Editor. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_c_editor_gen.htm"
+ label="General page, Preferences window"/>
+<context id ="new_c_editor_annotations_pref_page_context">
+ <description>Customize the appearance of the C/C++ Editor. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_c_editor_anno.htm"
+ label="Annotations page, Preferences window"/>
+<context id ="new_c_editor_colors_pref_page_context">
+ <description>Customize the appearance of the C/C++ editor. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_c_editor_color.htm"
+ label="Colors page, Preferences window"/>
+<context id ="new_c_editor_pref_page_context">
+ <description>Customize how the Content Assist feature works. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_c_editor_con_assist.htm"
+ label="Content Assist page, Preferences window"/>
+<context id ="new_c_templates_pref_page_context">
+ <description>Create, edit, remove, import, or export code templates. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_code_temp.htm"
+ label="Code Templates page, Preferences window"/>
+<context id ="c_search_page">
+ <description>Search for C/C++ elements. </description>
+ <topic href="cdt_u_search.htm"
+ label="C/C++ Search page, Search dialog box"/>

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