BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cdt_8_3Disassembly: Improve reliability of client-side address navigationAnton Leherbauer2 years
cdt_8_4Fix PTYOutputStream.write for off > 0Anton Leherbauer2 years
cdt_8_5Update 4.4 target to point to final 4.4 update siteMarc-Andre Laperle19 months
cdt_8_6[CDT 8.6 Build] - Fix the link to get dependencies fromRafael Peria de Sene20 months
cdt_8_7Bug 470361 - Remove 32 Bit MacOS X Environment from BuildThomas Corbat18 months
cdt_8_8Bug 489225 - CDT maintenance branch 8.8 stops buildingAlvaro Sanchez-Leon9 months
cdt_9_0fixed NPEAlena Laskavaia3 months
cdt_9_1Update cdt-baseline to point to final release of 9.1Marc Khouzam8 weeks
cdt_9_2Bug 507950 - Deadlock when changing a variable value when reverseAlvaro Sanchez-Leon7 days
masterBug 506672 - Use ICPPEvaluation to evaluate all unary and binary C++ expressionsNathan Ridge11 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  CDT_9_1_0.tar.gz  CDT_9_1_0.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam2 months  CDT_9_0_1.tar.gz  CDT_9_0_1.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam4 months  CDT_9_0_0.tar.gz  CDT_9_0_0.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam5 months  CDT_8_8_1.tar.gz  CDT_8_8_1.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam9 months  CDT_8_8_0.tar.gz  CDT_8_8_0.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam14 months  CDT_8_7_0.tar.gz  CDT_8_7_0.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam18 months  CDT_8_6_0.tar.gz  CDT_8_6_0.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam21 months  Pre_LaunchBar_Move.tar.gz  Pre_LaunchBar_Move.tar.xz  Doug Schaefer24 months  CDT_8_5_0.tar.gz  CDT_8_5_0.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam2 years  CDT_7_0_1_branch.tar.gz  CDT_7_0_1_branch.tar.xz  Marc Khouzam2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hoursBug 506672 - Use ICPPEvaluation to evaluate all unary and binary C++ expressionsHEADmasterrefs/changes/15/85815/2Nathan Ridge2-4/+23
11 hoursSupport aggregate initialization in EvalTypeIdrefs/changes/16/85816/3Nathan Ridge5-17/+23
13 hours[dsf-gdb] debug tests: Use line tags where possiblerefs/changes/22/40822/12Simon Marchi11-60/+109
13 hoursMIBreakpointsTest: Factor out breakpoint validationrefs/changes/05/86305/4Simon Marchi1-148/+164
14 hoursMIBreakpointsTest: Replace AsyncCompletionWaitor with queriesrefs/changes/00/86300/5Simon Marchi1-251/+241
4 daysFix cmake feature to use license feature for proper license.refs/changes/91/86091/1Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+3
4 daysCode cleanuprefs/changes/65/85965/7Sergey Prigogin13-827/+798
5 daysBug 508338 - Friend class declaration hides the real one in outerrefs/changes/09/85909/3Sergey Prigogin5-6/+100
5 daysMade some methods final.refs/changes/08/85908/3Sergey Prigogin1-51/+51
5 daysCosmeticsrefs/changes/10/85910/3Sergey Prigogin1-1/+1
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