AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-01-03remove rogue printlnRB_V1_8Andy Clement1-1/+0
2017-11-151.8.13 docsV1_8_13Andy Clement2-2/+40
2017-11-14Working towards 1.8.13Andy Clement3-2/+21
2017-11-01Fix 526734 - Incorrect generic override decp validation when binary weavingAndy Clement11-1/+98
2017-10-30Fixes Bug 526594Andy Clement1-0/+3
2017-10-21remove world reuse - needs more thoughtAndy Clement2-21/+22
2017-10-21temporarily remove testV1_8_12Andy Clement1-2/+2
2017-10-20update to 1.8.12Andy Clement1-1/+1
2017-10-201.8.12 readmeAndy Clement2-0/+99
2017-10-20rebuiltAndy Clement3-0/+0
2017-10-20Fixes Bug 525293 - Spring AOP could be fasterAndy Clement7-188/+240
2017-10-20Tests for smart annotation unpacking for reflection typesAndy Clement1-0/+71
2017-10-05Ensure we can disassemble invokedynamicAndy Clement7-2/+22
2017-09-261.8.11 release info updatesAndy Clement7-5/+44
2017-09-26testcode polish for 1.8.11V1_8_11RC1Andy Clement2-33/+53
2017-09-26Make the 1.8 slightly more tolerant of Java 9Andy Clement1-6/+25
2016-12-16509327: extended the test slightlyAndy Clement1-2/+2
2016-12-16reduced min Java version to 1.6Andy Clement5-8/+29
2016-12-16polishAndy Clement1-19/+11
2016-12-161.8.11 test setup and wip testsAndy Clement7-0/+196
2016-12-16509327: Minor fixes to improve the situation, wipAndy Clement3-4/+173
2016-12-09fix warnings in build - support .isJava8 option in buildV1_8_10Andy Clement6-16/+24
2016-12-09508661: testcodeAndy Clement8-0/+63
2016-12-08Polishing for 1.8.10 releaseAndy Clement3-4/+8
2016-12-08Update to latest JDT (neon 2)Andy Clement6-3/+48
2016-12-08Adjust from nasty exception to messagesAndy Clement1-6/+9
2016-12-02added 2016/2017 to yearsAndy Clement1-1/+2
2016-11-18Fix 500035: handling target only binding in @AJ pointcutAndy Clement46-233/+486
2016-11-10Fix 502119: - NullPointerExceptionAndy Clement1-0/+3
2016-11-10Fix 404345: another occurence of broken annotation building in JDTAndy Clement14-52/+107
2016-11-07Fix 500796: Allow for kotlin creating 'synthetic' local variable table entriesAndy Clement16-31/+41
2016-11-07Upgraded to new JDT compiler - neon.1 and a bitAndy Clement37-196/+236
2016-10-28Fixing generics warningsAndy Clement6-71/+46
2016-07-29Fix ambiguous binding problem on anonymous typesAndy Clement5-1/+39
2016-05-12Code polishing and extra diagnostics around types and parameterized typesAndy Clement4-52/+44
2016-05-12Fix 493554 - Missing InnerClasses attribute for nested interfaces created by ...Andy Clement9-35/+214
2016-05-12genericsAndy Clement1-4/+3
2016-03-29Fix 490315 - there is no classname for invokedynamicAndy Clement17-2/+229
2016-03-14Corrected version for 1.8.9Andy Clement1-1/+1
2016-03-141.8.9 docsV1_8_9Andy Clement2-0/+36
2016-03-14added loggingAndy Clement1-43/+41
2016-03-14Fix 489596 - upgrade jdt to mars.2Andy Clement2-0/+0
2016-03-08Fix 488216: Load-time weaver loses class changes of preceding -javaagentAndy Clement5-131/+137
2016-02-26additional diagnostic infoAndy Clement1-1/+1
2016-02-18Fix 487927: ClassFormatException if LocalVariableTable data cannot be fully readAndy Clement9-7/+7
2016-02-18Fix 433351: Declare parents fails on interfaces on the inpath depending on di...Andy Clement15-15/+98
2016-02-11Fix 487694: Race condition in annotation unpacking can surface through Spring...Andy Clement8-9/+22
2016-02-10Fix 485583: NullPointerException in org.aspectj.ajdt.internal.compiler.ast.Po...Andy Clement6-15/+42
2016-01-27Fix 486612: Can lose a super type bound when weaving a type using generics in...Andy Clement6-9/+50
2016-01-20Fixes for compile time overweavingAndy Clement7-1/+78