BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
356694testcode 356594Andy Clement5 years
BETA_JAVA8tidying up testsAndy Clement4 years
V1_6_Xup'd to 1.6.13Andy Clement4 years
bug356694Some preliminary work on this bugAndy Clement5 years
bug433351work in progressAndy Clement3 years
earlyJava9Tests for smart annotation unpacking for reflection typesAndy Clement3 weeks
invokedynamicinvokedynamic tidyup - handle calling getClassname on itAndy Clement6 years
java8first pass at j8 infrastructureAndy Clement4 years
mastertestcode polish for 1.8.11Andy Clement3 weeks
paramAnnotationBinding259416: preliminary workAndy Clement11 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  org.aspectj-1_9_0_BETA5.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_9_0_BETA5.tar.xz  Andy Clement15 months  org.aspectj-1_9_0_BETA4.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_9_0_BETA4.tar.xz  Andy Clement16 months  org.aspectj-1_8_9.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_8_9.tar.xz  Andy Clement19 months  org.aspectj-1_8_8.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_8_8.tar.xz  Andy Clement21 months  org.aspectj-1_8_7.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_8_7.tar.xz  Andy Clement2 years  org.aspectj-1_8_5.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_8_5.tar.xz  Andy Clement3 years  org.aspectj-1_8_4.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_8_4.tar.xz  Andy Clement3 years  org.aspectj-1_8_3a.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_8_3a.tar.xz  Andy Clement3 years  org.aspectj-1_8_3.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_8_3.tar.xz  Andy Clement3 years  org.aspectj-1_8_2.tar.gz  org.aspectj-1_8_2.tar.xz  Andy Clement3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-09-26testcode polish for 1.8.11HEADmasterAndy Clement2-33/+53
2017-09-26Make the 1.8 slightly more tolerant of Java 9Andy Clement1-6/+25
2016-12-16509327: extended the test slightlyAndy Clement1-2/+2
2016-12-16reduced min Java version to 1.6Andy Clement5-8/+29
2016-12-16polishAndy Clement1-19/+11
2016-12-161.8.11 test setup and wip testsAndy Clement7-0/+196
2016-12-16509327: Minor fixes to improve the situation, wipAndy Clement3-4/+173
2016-12-09fix warnings in build - support .isJava8 option in buildAndy Clement6-16/+24
2016-12-09508661: testcodeAndy Clement8-0/+63
2016-12-08Polishing for 1.8.10 releaseAndy Clement3-4/+8