BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Bug395013Initial work on Bug 395013.Andrew Eisenberg15 months
aj17xcorrected destinationAndy Clement3 months
e36fix remaining compile error since move to AJ 1.7Andrew Eisenberg23 months
e37bump version to 2.2.3Andrew Eisenberg14 months
e42remove release qualifierAndrew Eisenberg10 months
e431.8.0.20140417150000Andy Clement39 hours
linked-resourcesworkaround for bug 394569. Ignore linked resources.Andrew Eisenberg17 months
master1.8.0.20140417150000Andy Clement39 hours
originFix for bug 365106aeisenberg2 years
pointcut-doctornow working in simple cases and added new logoAndrew Eisenberg19 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  AJDT223_e43.tar.gz  AJDT223_e43.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg10 months  AJDT223_e42.tar.gz  AJDT223_e42.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg10 months  extract-aj-feature-and-source-feature.tar.gz  extract-aj-feature-and-source-feature.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg12 months  AJDT222_e43.tar.gz  AJDT222_e43.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg14 months  AJDT222_e37.tar.gz  AJDT222_e37.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg14 months  AJDT222_e42.tar.gz  AJDT222_e42.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg14 months  startWorkOn43.tar.gz  startWorkOn43.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg16 months  AJDT221_e42.tar.gz  AJDT221_e42.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg19 months  AJDT220_e37.tar.gz  AJDT220_e37.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg22 months  AJDT220_e42.tar.gz  AJDT220_e42.tar.bz2  Andrew Eisenberg22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
39 hours1.8.0.20140417150000HEADmasterAndy Clement Andy Clement148-8/+12
10 days1.8.0.20140409170000 - RC3Andy Clement Andy Clement2437-10237/+28972
2014-01-30more support for 4.4 buildAndy Clement Andy Clement5-12/+28
2014-01-28getting ready for 4.4Andy Clement Andy Clement1-1/+2
2014-01-28getting ready for 4.4 buildAndy Clement Andy Clement1-1/+1
2014-01-28getting ready for 4.4 buildsAndy Clement Andy Clement5-11/+15
2014-01-28AJDT for Eclipse 4.4 prepAndy Clement Andy Clement9-73/+73
2013-10-21missed rev'ing version with latest 1.8 dropAndy Clement Andy Clement1-1/+2
2013-10-181.8.0 refresh with fixes from 1.7.X branchAndy Clement Andy Clement32-33/+197
2013-08-30Move to 2.2.4Andrew Eisenberg Andrew Eisenberg19-32/+32