This is a web interface for Eclipse Git repositories. Many projects also use the Gerrit Code Review. For more information about Git, please see the Git Wiki page.

The contents of the Git repositories are made available under the terms and conditions of the Software User Agreement.

org.eclipse.migration.gitMigration steps for most of the Eclipse Project Paul Webster3 years
org.eclipse.ease.core.gitEASE core components and engines Code Review14 hours
org.eclipse.ease.modules.gitEASE modules Code Review13 hours
org.eclipse.ease.scripts.gitEASE sample scripts Code Review12 days
org.eclipse.eatop.gitEATOP Project Repository Stephan Eberle6 months
ecf.gitECF project website Scott Lewis9 weeks
org.eclipse.ecf.gitEclipse Communication Framework Code Review12 min.
eclipselink.releng.gitEclipseLink release engineering repository Eric Gwin8 months
eclipselink.runtime.gitRepository that contains the eclipselink Runtime. Eric Gwin4 hours
eclipselink.utils.temp.gitInterrim repo for development time utility development Eric Gwin2 years
examples.gitEclipseLink examples repository Eric Gwin7 months
examples/mysports.gitEclipseLink MySports example repository Eric Gwin16 months
examples/nosql.gitEclipseLink repository for NoSQL examples Eric Gwin
examples/performance.gitEclipseLink repository for performance benchmark related examples Eric Gwin2 years
examples/temporal.gitEclipseLink repository for temporal framework and example Eric Gwin4 years
incubator.gitEclipseLink repository for experimental new features and platform support Eric Gwin3 years
javax.persistence.gitJava Persistence API repo. Latest may be based upon draft specifications. Eric Gwin5 weeks
oracleddlparser.gitEclipseLink repository for DDL parsing feature Peter Krogh9 months
org.eclipse.scada.base.gitEclipse SCADA (Base) Code Review4 months
org.eclipse.scada.chart.gitEclipse SCADA (Chart) Code Review4 months
org.eclipse.scada.core.gitEclipse SCADA (Core) Code Review3 days
org.eclipse.scada.deploy.gitEclipse SCADA (Deploy) Code Review4 months
org.eclipse.scada.external.gitEclipse SCADA (External) Code Review4 months
org.eclipse.scada.hmi.gitEclipse SCADA (HMI) Code Review4 months
org.eclipse.scada.ide.gitEclipse SCADA (IDE) Code Review4 months
org.eclipse.scada.protocols.gitEclipse SCADA (Protocols) Code Review4 months
org.eclipse.scada.releng.gitEclipse SCADA (Releng) Code Review5 days
org.eclipse.scada.samples.gitEclipse SCADA (Samples) Code Review12 months
org.eclipse.scada.utils.gitEclipse SCADA (Utils) Code Review5 days
org.eclipse.ecoretools.gitEMF EcoreTools git repository Code Review7 weeks
org.eclipse.emf.edapt.gitThe one and only Edapt Git Repository at Code Review12 days
org.eclipse.edt.gitedt project repository Matt Heitz3 years
org.eclipse.eef.gitCode Review30 hours
org.eclipse.efxclipse.gitJavaFX Tooling and Runtime for Eclipse and OSGi Code Review2 days
org.eclipse.efxclipse.travisci.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Thomas Schindl9 months
org.eclipse.egerrit.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Code Review26 hours
org.eclipse.emf.egf.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Code Review2 months
egit-github.gitGitHub Mylyn integration (technology.egit) Code Review12 days
egit-pde.gitEGit related PDE Tools (technology.egit) Code Review2 years
egit.gitEclipse Git Team Provider (technology.egit) Code Review3 days
webtools.ejb.git.oldejb project repository Carl Anderson3 years
org.eclipse.emf.eson.gitEMF Simple Object Notation - Code Review5 days
org.eclipse.emf.gitEMF Code Review5 days
org.eclipse.mwe.gitMWE git repository Sven Efftinge9 days
org.eclipse.emf-parsley.core.gitemf parsley project repository Francesco Guidieri
org.eclipse.emf-parsley.gitEMF Parsley Code Review12 days
org.eclipse.emf.query.gitmodeling.emf.query project repository Anthony Hunter2 weeks
org.eclipse.emf.emfstore.core.gitemf store project repository Code Review5 days
org.eclipse.emf.emfstore.other.gitemf store project repository Maximilian Koegel23 months
org.eclipse.emf.emfstore.releng.gitemf store project repository Maximilian Koegel3 years